How to dress the kid on the street and not to go crazy

How to dress the kid on the street and not to go crazy

I did not hear from one mom yet: "Really, my kid always with pleasure "changes clothes" and will never peep". Most often approximately after half a year even change of a diaper causes discontent and crying. What to do to parents with barefoot Mowgli?

I think that you do not consider option "not dress". It would be convenient, of course, but weather conditions and love for purity in the apartment not always allow. Let's put ourselves to the place of the little man. With the naked eye it is possible to see that process of clothing for the kid – the real stress. It is boring and unpleasant to it, the clothes hold down, narrow mouths squeeze the head and touch ears. And what is cost by manipulations with a prosovyvaniye of hands in long sleeves and mother's nervousness.

But to put on as we already found out, it is necessary. To lower unpleasant feelings, it is necessary to work over the child's clothes, to switch attention to something and as much as possible to accelerate process at the expense of the accuracy of actions.

Choose such clothes which will be put on easily and conveniently: spacious, with convenient fasteners, with a wide mouth, avoid narrow sleeves and trouser-legs. Also children do not love tights and prickly sweaters. Consider that the multiple layers in clothes are good, but moderately. If it is possible to be limited to three warmer layers, do not turn them into six thin. As for disposable diapers, it is more convenient to some fidgets to dress such which in the form of shorts, but not to suffer with velcros.

Many parents have the way to distract the kid at this hard moment. Most likely, these methods will change over time. With what you surprise the child today, will not capture his attention so well in few weeks any more. Here a small arsenal to the aid of mothers and fathers:

- clamp a toy or an interesting subject in teeth (are especially good shining, musical);

- give this "zavlekalka" to the child in hands;

- sing songs or build ridiculous mugs;

- play hide-and-seek, using clothes in which you dress;

- put on opposite to a big mirror, and let the kid examine the reflection;

- it is periodically possible to take the baby on hands, dressing kind of between times.

That clothing did not last for hours, it is necessary to adjust the accurate sequence of actions:

  • Begin with yourself. Take care of the dress before dressing up small.
  • Prepare in advance everything that can be necessary for you, and properly think what with what to dress.
  • If you are going to the street in cold weather, it is desirable that the first layer of clothes already was on the child.
  • Be not afraid and be not adjusted on a hysterics. The more surely you will act, the will better and more without serious consequences cope with a task.
  • The most "opposite" things which, alas, not to avoid, leave finally. Most often in this role the cap acts. So let she will wait for the turn to the exit to the street.
  • It is more convenient to dress some things sitting, and some lying. Try different options and use the most optimum.
  • Put on and leave in advance if you are afraid to be late somewhere. Strong haste results in the return result.

The child in the first years of life completely depends on the parents. His hands legs and even its time mom and dad completely own. That he could understand what happens to it and for what all this happens to it here and now, your comments are required for the kid. Do not forget to pronounce all your actions: "now we will put on and we will go for a walk", "now we will put on this dress", "we will push your handle in a sleeve now", etc. It will surely facilitate your mutual understanding. Well and, of course, stock up with patience. Only a few years, and your children will begin to put on.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team