How to dress the kid on walk

How to dress the kid on walk

As British speak: "There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes!". Gathering with the kid for walk, it is necessary to take care that his clothes were the most convenient, functional and corresponded to weather conditions.


1. Before going for a walk with the child, look what air temperature and whether is wind. Many mummies diligently "wrap up" the child, putting on him as much as possible clothes, especially if on the street cool weather. Remember – most often children get sick not from overcooling, namely from overheating.

2. You should not forget that physical activity of kids is much higher, than at adults. The child needs to be dressed so that it was possible to skim clothes if becomes him hot, and to hook a jacket if on the street becomes cold.

3. Choosing a kidswear, it is necessary to be guided by that the kid during walk was not constrained in movements that it was most convenient to it to jump, run, twist the head, to rise after falling, to move down from the hill. First of all the kidswear has to be convenient and practical but only then – beautiful.

4. Not to torment itself with a question how after all to dress the child at different times year, remember the simple scheme under name "one-two-three". She speaks very simply: during summer walks it is necessary to put one layer of clothes on the child, in the spring and in the fall - two, well, and are followed winter of walk with children by three layers of clothes.

5. During a summer time try to walk not during the heat, but even in the morning and in the evening on the street happens enough hot. Therefore the summer clothes for the kid should be chosen from the natural, breathing fabrics, it is the best of all cotton. You should not hook an undershirt under the main clothes, will be a light sundress or a t-shirt enough. And here under sandals it is the best of all to put on thin linen socks, otherwise the child can rub legs.

6. In the spring and put on the child tights or socks, panties or thin overalls, a jacket or a shirt, a jacket in the fall. You should not put on warm woolen socks, even late fall. You watch closely that the child did not sweat.

7. Put on a coat, a jacket or overalls, one warm cap winter walks. It is not necessary to roll up to the child of companies and a nose a scarf as it can lead to excessive overheating. Under a bottom put on thin golf, a sweater, tights and panties, and, of course, comfortable and warm footwear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team