How to dress the newborn in April

How to dress the newborn in April

With arrival of spring and heat the parents begin to think of in what to dress the child on walk. Sometimes in April there are really summer days, but you should not trust the warming spring sunshine. Sometimes such imaginary heat can do much harm to health of the newborn child if he is dressed incorrectly.


1. April – the period of not settled weather. In one day it can be warm and silent, and in another to fly ice wind. Bringing together the baby on walk, it is necessary to consider all inconstancy of off-season. The child needs to be dressed so that on the street to him it was comfortable and free.

2. Things for the child have to be made of the high-quality materials allowing gentle skin to breathe, protecting from overheating, supporting air exchange.

3. The baby cannot control the temperature therefore be guided on weather and on own feelings. If you go on the street in a t-shirt, then it is necessary to put at least one more layer on the kid more warmly.

4. Get rid of warm blankets and a shawl. The woolen cap does not suit for spring walks. It is better to put on two thin hats which will protect from wind and will protect a body from overheating.

5. The clothes for the newborn have to be multilayered. It is better to put pair of jackets, than one thick jacket on the kid. If you see that to him hot, then it is easily possible to skim or, on the contrary, to add one more. The most important that the child did not catch a draft on wind. It is not necessary to think that having dressed the kid is warmer, you thereby protect him from cold. The baby will get sick quicker from a heat, than from cold.

6. The baby's undershirt or thin cotton overalls will be suitable for the lower layer of clothes. From above it is enough to put on a fleece or terry suit. It is desirable to use conjoint clothes that the waist and legs were not available to changeable April wind. Besides integral things do not hold down movements, do not rub anywhere and do not create pressure around a navel.

7. Leave mittens and woolen socks at home. On legs it is possible to put on two pairs of socks, some of which let will be warmed. At all it is possible to leave handles open. Periodically check a nose and fingers regarding temperature. If skin cold, so the child froze. The moist neck and a back say that to the kid hot.

8. In cool or rainy weather it is possible to take with itself an easy blanket. If it becomes cold, cover the kid.

9. Adherents of swaddling can manage one flannel diaper and a thin blanket. Do not forget about a warm hat. It will be enough for walk in the warm spring afternoon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team