How to drink pomegranate juice to pregnant women

How to drink pomegranate juice to pregnant women

During incubation of the child the huge value has food of future mom. Products in its diet have to be fresh and useful. Pomegranate juice is considered one of the most favourite drinks of pregnant women. It is tasty, pleasant and sour and very useful, however, it is necessary to drink it correctly.


1. Juice of pomegranate has the extensive list of useful properties: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anesthetics, urine - and bile-expelling. All this says that this berry helps from various illnesses and problems with health. During pregnancy of grenades it is also very useful. It well influences work of heart, increases hemoglobin level in blood, fills an organism with useful vitamins. During incubation of the child juice of pomegranate can reduce nausea at toxicosis and return appetite, he promotes removal from an organism of excess liquid and helps to struggle with hypostases, well affects immunity of future mom. Generally, pomegranate – a well of useful substances which are so necessary to future mom and her baby.

2. The advantage of pomegranate juice during incubation of the child is huge, but after all costs to future mummies very carefully and is dosed to take this drink. The fact is that causes problems with a chair and as locks during pregnancy - not a rarity, juice of this berry can aggravate a situation only in some pregnant women of grenades. In addition, drink from pomegranate can cause allergic reaction, and the women expecting the kid are most subject to such problem. If at future mom any chronic diseases of digestive tract and digestive organs are observed before beginning to use pomegranate juice, she should consult with the expert.

3. At many diseases this drink is forbidden. But even if the pregnant woman has no serious diseases, and the doctor gave the green light to introduction to a diet of pomegranate juice, you should not drink it too much. And it is not necessary to take in pure form drink. It is recommended to be diluted with any juice of fruit or just boiled, but not hot water. An optimal variant experts consider to dilute drink from pomegranate with carrot or beet juice. At such option of preparation the advantage for the baby and the pregnant woman will be maximum.

4. If to speak about what juice is more useful – self-made or industrial production, the answer is obvious – freshly squeezed. Therefore it is recommended to press pomegranate just before the use. For production of drink it is better to choose ripe fruits with a firm thin skin. On it there should not be brown dots and soft places as they are the first sign of rotting. At quality berry the top dry, without greens.

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