How to drive the car being a pregnant woman

How to drive the car being a pregnant woman

Advantages of the private car are obvious, especially during pregnancy. It will save you from long expectation of public transport, it is possible not to be afraid that somebody can push or press down you and an opportunity to catch viral diseases considerably decreases. The mass of pluses, but are also certain difficulties, during pregnancy in an organism of the woman there are big changes. Being a pregnant woman, the woman should not be nervous, and driving of the car assumes existence of stressful situations when it is necessary to be able to concentrate and work immediately in time. There are several useful tips which will help to secure as much as possible driving during pregnancy.


1. Do not neglect a seat belt. Most of pregnant women are sure that the seat belt can do harm to the kid therefore they just do not use it. Actually, this dangerous delusion. Seat belts cannot damage to the child, on the contrary, they will help to save him from a trouble. Being a pregnant woman, future mom has to be responsible not only for herself one.

2. Avoid trips to rush hour. Plan the trips so that not to get traffic jams. Pregnant women are not recommended to sit long in one pose, and in an automobile jam you will be simply forced to sit for hours motionless.

3. All the time check adjustment of rear-view mirrors and a driver's seat. During pregnancy the female figure constantly changes. This feature needs to be considered at adjustment of a driver's seat and mirrors. The distance from a wheel to a stomach has to be not less than 10 centimeters.

4. Do not violate traffic regulations. It is always necessary to remember that if before pregnancy you were sure very much and the experienced driver and dared to violate sometimes rules to cut off a way or to go round a traffic jam, then now all in a different way. During pregnancy some reactions in an organism slow down therefore the woman has to be extremely careful on the road and strictly follow all rules.

5. Periodically stop and have a rest. During long moving do stops and you get out of the car to adjust blood circulation and to warm up. You in the car always have to have a drinking water supply and something easy from food and also warm clothes and a blanket.

6. You do not take the wheel during toxicosis. Smells of gasoline and exhaust gases can cause in you strong irritation, headaches and even a faint.

7. You do not take the wheel during the periods of emotional instability. At such moments the probability of inadequate behavior driving which can lead to very sad consequences is very high.

8. Do not try to reach independently to maternity hospital if at you fights already began. In this case it is necessary to call urgently to the aid close people who will cause fast. Even if it seems to you that fights weak – it is all the same best of all not to risk and not to endanger itself and the child.

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