How to earn during pregnancy

How to earn during pregnancy

On the 30th week of pregnancy the woman goes on a maternity leave. But not all modern future mothers just are going to stay at home and enjoy deserved rest. Is also such which want to have additional earnings, about appearance of the kid the spare cash for family will not prevent.


1. Actually it is possible to earn in the decree in various ways. AFU will depend on your concrete professional knowledge and personal abilities. Options of a side job can be divided into two types conditionally: earnings in worldwide network and the work which is not connected with the Internet. Let's consider some of these ways in more detail.

2. If you are able to do something by the hands (to knit/sew/spin beads), then be engaged in production and sale of the products. It can be knitted things to order, the sewed soft toys, author's jewelry, exclusive cards and many other things. The imagination is limited only to your opportunities.

3. Accountants and other economic and educated women can make various the reporting at home and also business plans for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Hairdressers and makeup artists during the decree can accept at home or come to the house to the clients. If you do not own these skills, descend on the corresponding courses.

4. Become the representative of any cosmetic brand, the benefit - them now enough. Choose the products which are the most suitable for you. For sociable pregnant women it is a good opportunity to combine business with pleasure.

5. If you before leaving in the decree worked the translator or just well know foreign languages, translate texts, staying at home. On the Internet a set of the websites which give such opportunity to future mothers. Or teach private lessons of foreign languages at home or online.

6. Advanced users can earn from creation and promotion of the websites. Read necessary literature and penetrate into all subtleties of this process. It is quite complex, but profitable work.

7. Future mummies are not similar at each other. All have different interests and preferences. Therefore also ways of earnings during pregnancy a set. And here what will suit you – solve.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team