How to eat competently during pregnancy?

How to eat competently during pregnancy?

Pregnancy – very important period in life of each woman. Each future mom wishes health to the kid therefore her way of life involuntarily undergoes various changes. To what it is worth paying attention, so it to a diet, healthy nutrition allows to enrich an organism of mom and kid with the useful substances necessary for growth and development.

The pregnant girl should put emphasis on proteinaceous food. Protein is the platform for creation of bodies of the kid. It is rather easy to receive it – together with meat. Animal protein is considered more useful in this case, than vegetable. The only thing what it is worth paying attention to is on quality of meat. You should not use fat grades, meat dishes have to be carefully prepared, better to avoid too greasy food. During pregnancy, boiled meat dishes are considered as preferable dishes. Slightly fried meat in not sour or not hot sauce can also be added from time to time to the diet.

At the very beginning of pregnancy it is worth paying attention to the products containing calcium. For this purpose stock up with dairy products and fruit juice. Also the manganese which is contained in bananas, spinach, carrots is necessary for full development of an embryo on the first weeks of pregnancy.

If you are disturbed by toxicosis, take for the rule to add ginger to the food made by you. Since morning you can have a bite in a bed in advance prepared apple or cookies. At problems with intestines it is worth using fermented milk products.

In the second trimester, is especially closer to its end, it is worth putting emphasis on the products containing calcium again, from 29th week at the kid teeth begin to be put. Also it is worth paying attention to the products containing fatty acids, for example, fat grades of fish or nuts. In regions with deficiency of iodine it is worth putting emphasis on seafood. Closer to childbirth it is worth remembering also carbohydrates. They contain in porridges and vegetables. During pregnancy you should not refuse to yourself fresh fruit and vegetables, they are the main sources of natural vitamins. And here what it is worth tabooing, so it alcoholic and carbonated drinks, a large amount of sweets, coffee, greasy, fried, spicy food, dishes with a surplus of spices and seasonings, instant products. As they say, all it is possible, but little by little. It is better to avoid a surplus in a diet of a citrus and honey as they can cause potential allergies in the kid. Heavy for perception by a stomach food can cause indigestions and heartburn. Eat much, but it is frequent. 5-6 times a day are the best of all to eat small portions. Hungering before going to bed, drink a glass of kefir or eat one apple. Pregnancy easy for you!

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