How to eat during pregnancy properly

How to eat during pregnancy properly

During pregnancy many if not all women fall into a trance concerning the food. To they begin to seem the most terrible and dangerous in a tube with yogurt. Then they find the hidden threats in tea and proteins.

Generally especially for ladies in situation recommendations about food were developed during pregnancy. These recommendations will be prompted how to eat during pregnancy properly, however they are not exhaustive instructions. Remember that each woman there are specific features, allergies and preferences. Begin with the fact that create to yourself a diet. Doctors proved that it is much better to eat seven times a day in the small portions, than three – big. Therefore it is better to divide day into intervals and after each such period, to be accepted to food.

Eat more vegetables. Many are afraid of an allergy, but it is easy to avoid it. You need to alternate vegetables of different flowers. Tell absurdity, here not. Color is responsible for prevalence of any given minerals in vegetable. If cheredovan color, then cheredovana and minerals. And an allergy, it nothing but reaction on glut one substance.

Any diets in any their manifestation are forbidden. This subject was long exaggerated by the public. A conclusion was unambiguous any diets, are harmful to pregnant women. Accept vitamins and nutritional supplements, but do not wait that they will replace your food. In other words, to you the offered vitamin complex will hardly do much harm, however it will not be able to provide the kid to all necessary. It is important not to overeat. Overeating is a widespread mistake among pregnant women. Believe if you want some sweet, it does not mean that it is necessary to eat cake. Do not go into extremes and satisfy hunger quietly and measuredly. And the last council, drink a lot of liquid. It can be water, juice, compotes, herbal teas and broths. Liquid, for the pregnant woman this the best that can be thought up. Besides, it is established that the lack of liquid of an organism of the pregnant woman can cause early childbirth. If you want to eat properly during pregnancy, then plan everything and eat. The main thing to do without extremes and excesses. God bless you. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team