How to emphasize green eyes

How to emphasize green eyes

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color of eyes meets quite seldom therefore green-eyed women always look effectively and unusually. However will not be to emphasize mystical beauty of green eyes superfluous at all.

  1. The most safe make-up for green eyes can be made by means of warm golden-brown and saturated chocolate shadows. Also you can safely use orange, beige and peach tone. The green shadows corresponding to shade of eyes will be appropriate too. But only you do not apply them on all eyelid, otherwise color of eyes will just be lost. If you do make-up with green shadows, surely use together with them shadows of other shade.
  2. Green eyes can also be emphasized favourably with violet, lilac and lilac shadows. But if your eyes have golden shade, you should not use these colors. They will give to eyes yellowness.
  3. Beautifully reddish, copper and pink shades contrast with green eyes. However not every color from these scales suits green eyes. So, one shade can emphasize color of eyes, and another – to give it painful redness. To reveal what reddish or pink shade suits your green eyes it is possible only by means of experiments.
  4. The most improper shadows for green eyes - blue and blue. Dark blue-light blue scale should be tested only if your eyes have turquoise or bluish shade. Also green eyes extremely seldom suit cold silvery shades. However owners of gray-blue green eyes can experiment quite successfully with them.
  5. The black eyeliner on green eyes quite often looks too roughly. But with them the eyeliner of gray and chocolate-brown color well is in harmony. Internal corners of green eyes can be brought white or golden pencil – it will help to increase eyes visually. The same color the eyeliner can be made also on the internal line of lower eyelids. Besides, successful option is the eyeliner of internal surface of lower eyelid saturated green pencil.

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