How to employ the nurse

How to employ the nurse

Now many parents use the help of nurses. It is necessary to approach this question very seriously. You are going to entrust your child to the stranger. Impose individual requirements which directly depend on age of the kid to different nurses.


1. For children aged about one year the nurse has to have knowledge in the field of medicine, have experience and know features of care for babies, it is obligatory to observe a day regimen and to be guided by instructions of the pediatrician. For children at the age of more than a year the nurse has to have pedagogical education and experience in kindergarten. The nurse with knowledge of a foreign language and the educational techniques aimed at intellectual development is preferable to the child of preschool age.

2. At first define the main requirements under which the nurse has to approach. Treat them: education, age, marital status, salary, character, experience, recommendations. Also it is necessary to decide on the schedule of work of the nurse.

3. Further you can use services of the agency on staff recruitment. Choose the agency which for a long time is engaged in this activity, see customer reviews. The agency has to select carefully personnel, verify authenticity of documents. It will give you a certain confidence that the proposed candidacy will not constitute danger both to the child, and to your property.

4. Talk to the acquaintances who used services of the nurse. They will be able to recommend you the agency to which addressed and with which were satisfied.

5. You can look for the nurse according to the announcement. In this case you should prepare for viewing candidates, but also the reliability of documents should be checked independently.

6. At personal meeting with the invited candidate or provided by the agency do not hesitate to ask many questions. Pay attention to a form of answers, a communication manner, etc. But the main condition is reaction of the child to the nurse even if the pretender very much was pleasant to you. Give them the chance to communicate at your presence.

7. Establish for the nurse a trial period for 1-2 months. There will be enough this time to understand whether she copes with the duties and as gets on with the child. And only after that you will be able quietly to entrust her the child.

8. Discuss the list of duties of the nurse and make the approximate list of requirements which she has to carry out.

9. Keep a distance in communication. Do not let in the nurse too close your family. Do not discuss personal belongings and also you do not speak about money or expensive purchases.

10. And the main thing, try to give to the child enough love and attention that it had no feeling of uselessness to parents. Even the most wonderful nurse should not replace to the child mother.

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