How to endure a divorce during pregnancy

How to endure a divorce during pregnancy

The divorce is a hardest test for both who are once loving each other people. The divorce proceedings happening during pregnancy of the woman can strike it a double blow. It is very difficult to cope with the experiences, pain and offense always accompanying break in relations with darling. To endure a divorce during pregnancy, first of all it is necessary to believe in himself, not to lose courage and to think of health of future kid.


1. First of all, try to analyze current situation and to find out the reasons which pushed you to a divorce with the husband. If the man could not cope with responsibility conferred on him to the birth of the kid, think whether such unreliable partner in life is necessary to you? Really loving husband and the careful father has to support the wife and the child in any, even the most difficult situations.

2. You do not blame yourself for the forthcoming or already taken place divorce, you do not reproach yourself with the fact that could not hold the husband and keep family. From understanding of any mistakes in the behavior it will become easier for you all the same not. Think better that the abandoning the family does not paint at all the man who did not cope with whims and cavils of the pregnant wife or a thought of the fast paternity.

3. Answer for yourself such question: "That it is better: to divorce or live in marriage with constant quarrels, scandals, offenses and cavils?". Remember that parents are the most dear people in the child's life whose behavior he holds up as an example. And what the kid who is constantly watching squabbles of mom and dad can learn?

4. Do not become reserved at all and do not look for a privacy. On the contrary, try to be in society of the closest friends and family more often. Do not hesitate to talk to them about the experiences. Really close people will always understand you, will support, will distract from gloomy thoughts and will let know that one you will never remain.

5. Do not hope that it will be easy to endure a divorce during pregnancy. Thoughts of future kid will help you to calm down and will not allow to become limp. Over time with experiences, there will be no pain left and offense also a trace. And stay by a number of the closest, native and favourite little man, your kid, will surely fill your life with happiness, will give self-confidence and the forces.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team