How to endure pregnancy of the wife

How to endure pregnancy of the wife

Pregnancy is an important stage in life not only each woman, but also her husband in spite of the fact that the behavior of the woman during this remarkable period changes. For example, it becomes very whimsical, it should pay as much as possible attention and to take care - only then it will be simpler to endure to the man pregnancy of the wife.


1. When you learned that your spouse is pregnant and already very soon there will be a long-awaited birth of the kid, share joy together. Invite the wife in restaurant to celebrate this event. Or organize a small festive dinner of the house - prepare a tasty dish which is very much loved by your wife. Present a bouquet of flowers.

2. Surely as often as possible walk together in the fresh air, it is very useful for the child and for the woman. Care for food of future mom, you remember, at her food allowance there have to be always fruit and vegetables. Boiled meat, especially rabbit flesh or beef is useful - in it high content of protein which is simply necessary when forming new cages. You watch that all products were fresh.

3. Have patience and try not to irritate your wife, all experiences affect the kid. Especially it concerns the first months of pregnancy when at a fruit all bodies and nervous system are formed, and the behavior of the woman is similar to natural disaster. Be more reserved, concede to the woman.

4. You go as far as possible to appointment together. Be interested in all changes, results of analyses. Encourage the woman if when passing the commission or on planned consultation she was told what upset her.

5. Also visit all ultrasonographies together. The woman quickly feels changes in the organism and her life, and here men realize it not at once. Therefore having seen small creation on the monitor screen, you will begin to understand that your wife under heart carries the child, and you will become a dad soon.

6. Do foot massage and backs of the pregnant woman. Especially it concerns deadlines when a fruit already big and her it is heavy - there is strong tension both on legs, and on a back.

7. Together with the wife talk to "puzozhitel", read him books, sing songs. By the way, according to psychologists, the child hears and learns voices, being in mother's womb. Listen as the baby is pushed, having leaned an ear against a stomach. Enjoy each movement and kiss a tummy. The woman will definitely not remain indifferent to such care and attention.

8. Surely take part and, of course, show an initiative in the choice and purchase given for the kid. Together make the plan for registration of the children's room. Express the opinion when choosing things. Undertake collecting a bed and carriage. In a word, take part in all preparations for the birth of the kid.

9. During pregnancy the woman is especially vulnerable. Show as much as possible attention and cares to future mummy. Show that you love her also strongly as well as to this situation. Then you will endure pregnancy almost without serious consequences.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team