How to endure the stood pregnancy

How to endure the stood pregnancy

The stood pregnancy and abortion a little in what differ from each other. The impractical embryo under laws of the nature cannot develop further - there is a spontaneous abortion. In a case with the stood pregnancy the fruit ceases to develop too. To save the woman from a dead embryo resort to medical intervention. In both cases the woman loses the child and the causes of these situations are similar. Loss pain, a regret about the incident. How to leave this state?


1. Stop to blame yourself in all that occurred. You could not influence development of an embryo in any way. If initially the fruit had any deviations in development, not very well, genetic, hormonal or other reasons affected it, it was in advance doomed. So the nature makes natural selection.

2. You do not keep all pain in yourself, talk about it to darling, to mom, to the girlfriend. If there is a wish to cry – cry. Give vent to the feelings and emotions. On the Internet there are a lot of women's forums on this subject - come and communicate. Here you by all means will find the necessary support and will understand that life on it did not end.

3. The main question concerning the woman who endured the stood pregnancy is an opportunity to have children in the future. Not always the stood pregnancy indicates that you will have no children. It can be just accident, adverse combination of circumstances. Perhaps, your organism was not ready to such loadings yet.

4. Loss of the child not only severe psychological injury, but also blow to a physical condition of an organism. To be restored, you will need time and desire. Be engaged in the health. You watch what you eat. Eat vitamins more. Walk in the fresh air. Try to observe a day regimen.

5. If you are tormented by insomnia, change color of bed linen with blue or green. These colors favorably affect mentality, restore normal and sound sleep.

6. Visit the doctor and get advice on preparation of your organism for new pregnancy. Implement all its recommendations. If it is necessary, make tests and complete a necessary course of treatment.

7. If your psychological state worsens every day, the grief and melancholy smoothly pass into a condition of a depression, you notice that you lost interest in life – do not pull. Urgently ask for psychological assistance. Sessions of a relaxation, hypnosis or acupuncture will surely give to you relief.

8. You have to try to think of good, to start up positive light thoughts in the life, to get more positive emotions. Attract good and light in the life. Stop to save offenses and forgive yourself for everything. You surely will become the most wonderful loving mom!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team