How to ensure safety of children in the car

How to ensure safety of children in the car

Transportation of children in the car has to require from parents of the increased responsibility and attention to details. Do not neglect security aids even if you should reach to the next shop. And on the flat desert road there can be a force majeur situation, and you has no right to risk life and health of children.


1. According to traffic regulations it is possible to transport in the vehicle of children up to 12 years only with use of the special holding devices – car seats, the booster or special fixers of seat belts. These measures are necessary that in case of accident children were most protected from injuries. Usual seat belts are not suitable for small children – at heavy blow the child can slip out or be traumatized from under a belt directly belt which will strongly squeeze a breast and the child's neck. The car seat provides additional protection against blow as has the shock-resistant case.

2. Put children who are not located in a car seat on the booster and fasten a regular seat belt which put on the special fixer which is taking away a belt necks are lower. If you put a car seat on front seat, disconnect a safety cushion. Though in general sitting it is not necessary to transport children on front – front passenger seat is considered the most dangerous.

3. The safest place in the car is considered central on back seat. If the child sits fastened, at the time of accident he has less chances to be injured about a back of front seat at the time of blow. But adults who sit near the child have to be surely fastened. Otherwise they can strike with the weight of the body of the little passenger.

4. Buying the car, pay attention to devices of active and passive safety. Ideally, back sitting have to be equipped with pillows and blinds of safety and to have fastenings for Isofix car seat. The car has to have the highest mark of safety for passengers according to the EuroNCap system. In salon on the back shelf no excess objects which at strong braking can fall and injure the child should lie.

5. That to the child in a car interior it was comfortable, maintain optimum temperature in it. And you will be helped with it by separate climate control – one more option to which you should pay attention when choosing the car. On side glass hang up a special sun-protection blind or their zatoniruyta according to the allowed standards. On a saloon rear-view mirror hang up a small special pocket mirror which will help you to control the kid, without distracting from the road.

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