How to ensure safety of children of the house

How to ensure safety of children of the house

Accidents happen daily to thousands of children around the world. Parents can prevent many troubles if show a little foresight. First of all it is necessary to try to ensure safety in your house where the child spends a considerable part of time.


1. If a floor in the house is laid out by a tile, lay over it a heavy carpet path. It is desirable to think over design of batteries so that in them the child's hand could not get stuck. Acute angles of furniture should be protected special soft corners. Eaves have to be strongly beaten that they did not fall if the child suddenly pulls a curtain.

2. At windows and a balcony there have to be strong latches which the child will not be able to open. Supply a window which you open for airing with some adaptation which will not allow the kid to squeeze into an opening - for example, a chain. Remove bulky objects on which the child can climb up and become above a balcony protection from a balcony.

3. Sockets it is possible to arrange above that the young researcher could not reach them. It is also desirable to protect them plastic caps. Everything, connected with electricity, it is necessary to make as much as possible imperceptible for the child. For example, sockets can be closed furniture or other home decoration. That the kid did not pull a desk lamp for a cord and it did not fall to it, attach it to furniture or a wall. Do not leave on an ironing board the iron, and a cord - freely hanging.

4. You keep drugs, scissors, knives, objects of needlework in drawers with latches or locks or in highly located lockers. Cigarettes, matches and lighters also put as it is possible above. You keep household chemicals in the place, inaccessible for children. Working with chemicals, do not leave them in a zone of access for the child.

5. That the kid could not grab a teapot, a pan or a frying pan and to overturn contents, their handles have to be turned in a plate. Put hot ware in which the food, on the distant rings inaccessible for children is cooked. If you have a gas stove, after cooking block gas.

6. The latch on a door in the bathroom has to be made so that the kid could not be closed inside. Do not leave the filled bathtub unguarded. You watch temperature of hot water, it was not higher than 50 °. You do not store in the bathroom household appliances - the razor, the hair dryer, etc. Do not turn on the washing machine during bathing of the kid.

7. Plastic bags should not catch sight to the child. Playing, he can put on a package to himself the head and choke with the shortage of oxygen. You store loose products in unbreakable sealed containers. You keep vinegar, sauces, alcoholic drinks on the top shelves of the fridge or in a kitchen locker on the high shelf. Do not leave small products in a reach zone since they can get stuck at the child in a throat. It belongs, for example, to nuts or caramel.

8. Do not buy a toy with acute angles and edges and also small toys or those which can be taken to small pieces. Explain to the child what is danger and as to avoid it. You remember: your task is not to frighten the child, and to save.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team