How to ensure safety of preschool children

How to ensure safety of preschool children

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How to explain to the kid that it is good and what is bad. The little person still looks at this world naive clean eyes, and, so itself is angry is not capable to make out. The task of parents is not to turn the child into the gloomy person intimidated by terrifying stories about angry people, and to teach to distinguish him kindly from the evil.

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1. Explain simple safety rules to the child on the example of fairy tales. Just as in the fairy tale good and bad heroes act, so they are also in life. There are angry people whom it is better not to meet, it is even simple not to talk. And is good which can be trusted, they will always help. How to teach to distinguish the child good from bad? It is necessary just to explain to the kid that strangers can be both good, and angry. And that he will hardly distinguish some from others therefore before starting talking to the stranger, the child has to ask permissions mom.

2. Do not leave the child of one on the street long. Do not allow to leave during walk from the yard or to start conversations with strangers. Do not bring up the child so that any adult for him was an authority and it it was necessary to obey. Explain to children that they can refuse to adults if it are strangers. Explain to the child whom to consider foreign person. Any stranger - the stranger. Not important, by whom he was presented and even if says that he knows mom or dad, he all the same remains to strangers if the child never saw it before.

3. Do not leave the preschool child at home one. Always it is possible to call to sit with him the grandmother or the neighbor. If after all such situation is inevitable - you need to leave urgently (on a business meeting, for urgent work), and to leave the child there is nobody, take the child better. Choose cafe or restaurant at which there is a children's room for a business meeting. If you explain a situation, your colleagues will understand you. In the opinion of colleagues or potential employers it will be an indicator of your responsibility. Safety of the child has to be on the first place.

4. Do not leave the child with people to whom you do not trust. Paradoxically, but it can be even close relatives. If you know that someone from your relatives has addictions (alcohol/drug addiction, foul language, smoking, etc.) it is better to refrain from leaving with it the child.

5. Help the child to remember one more rule. It is impossible to accept at strangers any gifts (whether it be candy or chocolate), it is also impossible to go with the stranger who promises to show something valuable (a kitten or the cell phone).

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