How to ensure safety of the child on vacation

How to ensure safety of the child on vacation

During a season of holidays many parents together with children go to have a rest to the sea, get out to the nature to the next reservoir. At the same time it is very important to know the basic rules of children's safety on vacation to avoid the accidents occurring annually.


1. The kids in the summer getting together with parents to the sea most of all risk to suffer from the hot southern sun. Therefore try the child is younger than six months to preserve against direct sunshine. On the beach settle under an umbrella, an awning, in a shadow of trees. Dress up the kid in the light clothes closing handles and legs, surely put on a panama the head. If the shadow is not enough, by all means use sunblock cream for children with high degree of protection against harmful ultraviolet.

2. To children is more senior is also necessary is in a shadow more. You do not come with family to the beach, do not walk on the street during the greatest activity of the sun – from 10 to 16 o'clock. Use for the child cream with a protective factor of SPF not less than 20, and for children with light skin – from 30 to 50. Remember that it needs to be applied to skin each two hours again and also after bathing. Buy for the child a cap or a hat with a wide peak or fields.

3. Suggest the child to drink more often (approximately 100-200 ml of water each 20-30 minutes). During the active games every 15 minutes take a break that the child could have a rest in a shadow. Whenever possible at once change damp clothes of the sweated child for dry.

4. The most favourite and dangerous occupation for children on vacation – swimming. To prevent accident on water, never allow the child to bathe to one, without supervision of adults. To the kids who are not able to swim surely put on oversleeves, rubber rings, etc.

5. Explain to the child why it is dangerous to dive in the unfamiliar place. Check existence at the bottom of a reservoir of snags, boulders, garbage and other foreign objects. Use life jackets, boating, the boat or a catamaran. Try to choose for rest with family the beaches equipped with special saving means (hooks, lifebuoys, etc.).

6. Remember that even if your child is able to swim, it does not guarantee him on water full safety. Study methods of performing indirect massage of heart and artificial respiration.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team