How to enter a feeding up to children on breastfeeding

How to enter a feeding up to children on breastfeeding

Often four-months child lacks only one maternal milk any more. Doctors advise to enter a feeding up - gradually, since juice. 4 - 5 times a day are recommended to feed the child.

It is required to you

  • Juice extractor, plastic grater, double boiler


1. Feedings up in the form of juice should be entered on one in such sequence: at first juice from green apples (it has the most low allergy properties), then juice from cherry, then - from blackcurrant, from pear, from plum and from carrots. After that it is already possible to give to the kid the mixed juice. To begin to give juice it is necessary from 3-5 drops, within a week increasing volume. Tart and sour juice should be dissolved with water. It is necessary to try to give the fruit purees made by means of a plastic grater a bit later. Here too there is a sequence: at first apple, after - banana, pear, plum, a peach and bilberry. The volume of juice and fruit puree in a day diet has to be identical. It is defined in milliliters by means of multiplication of age of the child in months on 10 (in 5 months - 50 ml, etc.).

2. It is recommended to enter a vegetable feeding up in one and a half-two months after fruit and berry. It is better to begin with carrot puree. Then it is worth trying to give squash puree, after - from pumpkin, turnip, potatoes (it needs to be soaked previously), a white cabbage, beet and green peas. Gradually it is necessary to begin to add to puree the deodorized refined vegetable oil (sunflower, corn, olive), since 1 g and gradually increasing up to 5 g - it is 1 teaspoon a day. Gradually entering different vegetables, it is possible to track easily what of them cause allergic reactions in the child.

3. Seven-months it is already possible to give to the baby of 2-5 times a week in the form of a feeding up a yolk, since the 18th yolk in day. - the ninth month of life of the child it is allowed to feed from the eighth with cottage cheeses (at first - the 12th teaspoon, but in a month it is worth bringing a portion to 30 g) and even rye bread. Gradually it is necessary to accustom the kid to porridges - first of all to buckwheat, then to oat and rice. It is already possible to give 5 g of meat mash (from beef, a turkey, chicken or a rabbit), by a year increasing a portion to 60-70 g. From 8-9 months few times in a week instead of meat mash it is possible to feed the baby fish (preferably with puree from low-fat grades - a cod, a pike perch, a hake, a navaga, etc.).

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