How to enter Agusha

How to enter Agusha

How it is correct and when to enter mix and to replace GV (breastfeeding)? When it is possible to begin to give puree and vegetable porridges? Whether it is possible to enter them at the same time? Whether it will affect health of the child? These and many other questions concern young mothers daily. You learn how to enter Agusha brand food.


1. The best food in the first year of life of the child is breast milk. But if there is no opportunity to nurse regularly, then it is possible to pass to feeding with the adapted children's mix. By councils of pediatricians, it is the best of all to enter the mix Agusha (as well as any other new mix) gradually. So in the first day replace with Agusha ¼ volumes of feeding, and ¾ finish feeding the others mix with which fed earlier (or breast milk if the child on breastfeeding). For the second day increase mix Agusha volume up to ½ all volumes of feeding, respectively, for the third day give to the kid ¾ from all volume of feeding, and ¼ former mix or, breast milk. It turns out that it is possible to enter Agusha in 4 days. However you watch closely reaction of the child, any new product can cause allergic reaction or disorder of digestion. If the child has no rash, he steadily gains weight, does not belch, then you have nothing to worry. In certain cases at the child locks can begin, then pediatricians recommend sour-milk Agusha.

2. As for introduction to a food allowance of the child of a feeding up, and here it is necessary to conform to the rule: it is necessary to enter on one new product, since half a teaspoon. If the kid lags behind in weight it is recommended to begin a feeding up with nonmilk single-component porridge (from buckwheat or rice). If the child normally puts on weight or if he tends to locks it is necessary to begin with the single-component Agusha vegetable puree (from broccoli, a squash or a cauliflower). In two weeks, porridge or vegetables have to replace one feeding. For example, you began to enter into the child's diet vegetable puree in 4 months, means in 12-14 days the volume of vegetable puree has to be about 170-200 g. In 2 weeks after introduction of vegetable puree to a diet of the child, porridge has to be gradually entered, by 5 months porridge replaces all volume of one feeding. From 5.5 - 6 months it is possible to enter fruit purees.

3. It is more preferable to enter Agusha cottage cheese when to the child is not less than half a year. Bio-kefir and drinking yogurt of the Agusha brand are entered from 8 months, milk and kefir are intended for children is more senior.

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