How to enter fish into a diet

How to enter fish into a diet

Fish is one of the most useful products. Therefore she has to be surely included in a diet of the small child. The main thing is the nobility at what age and in what quantity.


1. Fish contains a large amount of protein which is responsible for the structure of the cells of a children's organism. In addition, she is a source of polysaturated fatty acids, fluorine, phosphorus, iron, potassium and magnesium.

2. Begin to enter fish into the child's diet not earlier than in 9-10 months of life of the kid. Acquaint the child with a new dish very carefully and gradually.

3. At first give fish to the kid on a tip of a tea spoon, every time increasing a dose. In 2-3 weeks bring volume to 100 grams. Include in a diet of the small child a fish dish not more often than 1-2 times a week.

4. Pediatricians advise to give to children sea fish (a salmon, a hake, a cod, a flounder). She seldom causes allergic reactions and contains a large number of minerals, useful to development of the child. From river types give preference to a trout, a pike perch or a silver carp better. They have very gentle meat and large stones.

5. It is better to cook fish dishes independently. For this purpose buy only the fresh and defrozen fish in specialized shops. Try not to buy ready fish canned food and puree, fish in them can be not rather crushed and low-quality.

6. At the initial stages of introduction of fish to a diet of the kid give it only puree-shaped dishes, from 11 months you enter krupnoizmelchenny, and after 1 year – the dishes prepared by pieces.

7. Fish – very useful product, but, despite a large number of advantages, she has also an essential shortcoming. Fish is capable to cause allergies. Therefore be careful at its introduction to a diet of the kid. You watch closely reaction of an organism of the child to this product. If you find any allergic manifestations, at once address the pediatrician. Perhaps, you should postpone introduction of fish dishes to a diet of the kid until achievement of 3 years by it.

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