How to enter fruit puree

How to enter fruit puree

The kid becomes more senior, the more it is required to him useful minerals. Fruit puree is a source of natural vitamins and useful substances. That this product did not do harm to health to the child, it is necessary to know how it is correct to enter it into a food allowance of the kid.


1. To enter fruit puree it is necessary to begin from 6 months on ¼ teaspoons and gradually in a week to increase this volume to 60-80 grams. To the child there will be enough this quantity up to 8 months, then to increase up to 100 grams.

2. It is necessary to give fruit puree to the kid after the main feeding in the mornings to track reaction of an organism to a new product, drawing great attention to a chair and a condition of integuments.

3. At appearance of any skin rashes or change of a chair it is necessary to address for consultation the pediatrician at once and to temporarily cancel a feeding up.

4. Repeated introduction of fruit puree to a food allowance of the kid should be made not earlier than in 1 month.

5. As a rule, it is necessary to begin a feeding up with green apples puree. They do not cause allergic reactions and thanks to content of pectin in them promote easy depletion of intestines.

6. Carefully it is necessary to enter cherry, strawberry, raspberry, wild berries and currant puree – they are capable to provoke an allergy.

7. About one year it is impossible to give to children grapefruits, tangerines, oranges, grapes, watermelons and melons. They are strongly allergenic products.

8. It is necessary to enter fruit purees only from the single-component homogenized purees.

9. As the first fruit purees it is possible to use: - the apple puree containing pectin and iron; - the pear puree containing folic acid, calcium and magnesium; - the banana puree containing calcium, iron and phosphorus; - apples puree and apricots, containing pectin, potassium, carotene and vitamin C; - the prunes puree containing potassium, B1 and B2 vitamins; - the bilberry puree containing pectin and beta carotene.

10. For preparation of fruit puree it is necessary to use exclusively fresh fruit of domestic production. Fruit need to be washed out, peeled carefully from a thin skin and to rub on a small grater.

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