How to enter milk

How to enter milk

Many theorists still conduct discussions about advantage and harm of cow's milk for children. Because of discrepancy of opinions and most of parents doubt correctness and rationality of introduction of milk to the child's diet.


1. Opponents of this dairy product in a diet of the child explain it with high content of phosphorus as a part of milk which at exchange in an organism is directly connected with calcium. Surplus of phosphorus is easily brought out of an organism, but kids have this process much more slowly, and it influences also calcium content in their organism. And the lack of calcium for kids can negatively affect their health.

2. All main vitamins and minerals which are necessary for normal development of the child are a part of milk. It contains the basic organic and mineral elements. Squirrels who contain in milk are irreplaceable. Protein includes special amino acids which uchuvstvut in creation of cages, and immunoglobulins which protect an organism from viruses and infections. Practically all table water - and oil-soluble vitamins is a part of milk.

3. Before achievement of one-year-old age by the child you enter cow's milk into its diet by addition in porridges and vegetable purees. At application of milk for the first time surely part it with water in the ratio 1:1, gradually reducing an amount of water. Then you cook porridge and use any more not divorced milk at preparation of vegetable purees.

4. To drink cow's milk it is also possible to give to the child only after the first year of life. At good tolerance give to the child daily 200 grams of drink. Choose only quality and low-fat milk, and then it will bring benefit to your kid. Even if the child well transfers this product, it is not necessary to give one-year-old to the baby more than 200 grams of milk a day.

5. At introduction of cow's milk to the child's diet surely you monitor reaction of an organism to this product. At emergence of any allergic reactions surely address the pediatrician.

6. A peculiar alternative to milk - special mixes which are intended for children is more senior than year. They are issued many producers and are a type of the powdered adapted milk.

7. Besides milk the fermented milk products fighting against pathogenic bacteria in intestines, adjusting intestinal microflora and promoting normal digestion are very useful.

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