How to enter new mix

How to enter new mix

Introduction of mixes to a diet – very important stage in formation of health of the child. Therefore it is necessary to prepare gradually his sensitive digestive system for a new type of food. Introduction of any mix begins with a small amount. Watching reaction of the child, gradually increase quantity of portions and components of mix.


1. Before giving mix has to be surely heated to temperature about 45 degrees.

2. Fruit juice has to become the following liquid after milk of mother and clear water for the child. It is better to train him independently, using seasonal fresh berries and fruit - they contain all substances necessary for normal development of an organism.

3. As a last resort house juice can be replaced with the nectar or juice of industrial production approved for baby food.

4. Since 4-5 months it is possible to enter vegetable and fruit purees into a diet of the kid. As well as in the previous case, they can be bought or that is more preferable – are prepared independently. For these purposes it is possible to use the food processor, the meat grinder or a grater, crushing products to a kasheobrazny state. If mashed potatoes turned out too thick, it is possible to dilute it with water or fruit and vegetable juice.

5. On reaching six-month-old age the child can give the exotic and having dark coloring products. Before it it is not recommended to do since it can provoke appearance of an allergy and cause problems with digestion.

6. From half a year begin to add dairy products in a small amount to mixes. If on cow's milk at the child for some reason an allergy, it can be replaced soy or the milk received from nuts and seeds.

7. To make such milk, it is necessary to mix a handful of sunflower seeds or nuts with water in the blender before formation of uniform liquid. Wring out milk by means of a gauze and add a little honey for sweet.

8. It is also possible gradually to begin to enter cereals into a diet of the child and to make mixes of several, combined among themselves, components.

9. After six months the transition from liquid to food to firm by means of the porridges made on milk or water begins.

10. Acquaintance of the child to sour-milk products is admissible not earlier than to it year is executed. At this time it is possible to feed gradually him with yogurt, kefir and other acidified milk formulas.

11. After a year, usual food are entered into a diet of the kid, doing gradual transition from soft, to firmer food.

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