How to enter the first feeding up to the kid

How to enter the first feeding up to the kid

Your kid grows every minute, and the period when it is time to enter the first feeding up already approaches. Main thing: do not worry, remember that you are the best mom and at you everything will turn out!


1. From what to begin a feeding up - to solve only to you. There is a set of the checked techniques, but a consensus and is not present. Let's try to consider various options of the beginning of a feeding up: to begin with children's apple juice. In the very first day to give one droplet of juice from the pipette, to look at reaction of the kid (skin rashes, a chair, etc.) further it is constant to increase amount of drink. This way has the minuses: the kid quickly gets used to sweet taste, after it he can apprehend taste of vegetables or meat very difficult. The same treats also a technique of the beginning of a feeding up from fruit puree.

2. To begin a feeding up with vegetable purees: good option. For a start it is necessary to choose such vegetables as a cauliflower. broccoli or a squash is hypoallergenic products which, as a rule, are very well transferred by the kid. It is possible to buy puree ready in jars, or to make it independently - it is very simple: several minutes to stew vegetables on couple, then to crush by means of the blender. Not to give salt to the child up to one year better.

3. It is possible to begin a feeding up with porridge. Personally I chose for us this type of a feeding up and did not regret: the child quickly got used to porridges, grew fat (there was a shortage). To cook porridge simply and quickly. I began with a liquid squash which gave from a small bottle, looked at reaction of the kid, then already did more dense and gave it to the child from a spoon, gradually increasing a portion. Begin with oat or rice porridge. By the way, semolina porridge is not recommended to be given to children up to one and a half years.

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