How to enter the second feeding up

How to enter the second feeding up

By 6 months the diet of the baby becomes one feeding up more various. Porridge is added to the daily menu of the baby. With it the kid receives vegetable protein, mineral substances, vitamins and cellulose.


1. Introduction of a feeding up begins from 4-4.5 months. Intervals between the subsequent feedings up make about two weeks: the first goes for gradual increase in a single portion, and the second for full adaptation to new food.

2. At introduction of the second feeding up, as well as in a case with the first, observe certain principles. Begin with small quantity, ½ tsps that the kid got used to the next dish gradually. Give porridge before feeding by breast milk while the baby still has an appetite. Cook food several minutes prior to feeding, but not in advance.

3. Kids on the first year of life acquire rice starch better, then wheat, i.e. semolina porridge and it is slightly worse other grain. But in process of accustoming and production of necessary enzymes, already in 1-2 months, give porridges from the mixed grain, for example, oat, rice and buckwheat. At first prepare for the baby 5% porridge, and then and 8-10% on whole milk. You can buy the ready porridges intended for baby food. The way of their preparation and a dosage are specified on packing.

4. In one week after introduction of porridge replace with it one more chest feeding. Thus, in 6-6.5 months your child will receive 2 feedings up (vegetable puree and porridge) and 3 feedings by a breast.

5. For optimum work of digestive system, divide feedings up chest feeding. The menu of the baby has to look approximately so: 6.00 - chest feeding; 10:00 – porridge; 14:00 – chest feeding; 18:00 – vegetable puree; 21:00 – chest feeding.

6. When the kid gets used to porridge, combine it with vegetables: pumpkin or carrots. And later, for a dessert, give fruit puree.

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