How to enter to the child a feeding up

How to enter to the child a feeding up

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Breast milk – the best food for the kid. But the baby grows, and the children's organism needs more and more useful substances and vitamins which maternal milk cannot provide in full any more. Therefore approximately from 3-4 monthly age it is necessary to enter a feeding up gradually.


1. Begin with juice, then you pass to fruit and vegetable purees, porridges, cottage cheese, and try to give meat and fish later. You enter new products into the kids menu gradually: with one – two teaspoons. If the kid with pleasure and without complications eats new food, next day increase quantity of a feeding up a little, and then during one – two weeks bring to a full-fledged portion.

2. Give a feeding up before feeding by a breast. You pass to a new product only after the kid gets used to previous. Everything to do the main thing accurately and gradually. You watch closely reaction of a children's organism to new food if to enter a feeding up too early and in a large number, it is possible to provoke an allergy and problems with a stomach and intestines.

3. Entering juice into the menu of the kid, begin with apple. Approximately since three months try to give carrot, orange, cherry and tomato juice. If at the child on a certain juice rashes began, at once cancel this product. To the kids inclined to locks, it is not necessary to give juice of cherry, bilberry and pomegranate because they act as fixing. Beet, plum and cabbage juice on the contrary is laxatives.

4. Begin to give vegetable and fruit purees from 4–5 months. Now in shops very good selection of baby food. To buy ready purees in jars, or to prepare is only your choice. It is easy to cook vegetable puree independently. Well wash up vegetables and lower them in the boiling added some salt water. Boil until ready, and then wipe through a sieve or crush the blender, having added a little vegetable broth. Puree is ready to the use.

5. Approximately from 5 months acquaint the child with porridges. Also as well as baby puree of porridge it is possible to do or to buy ready in shop. At first give buckwheat or rice porridges, you pass to oat and corn later. The first test – one-two teaspoons. Then gradually increase a portion of a feeding up and over time completely replace with porridge one chest feeding.

6. Meat mash – you enter the main source of protein into the kids menu from 6-7 months. Begin a meat feeding up with ready purchased puree. When the kid gets used to meat, cook boiled chicken or fillet of a rabbit, crush and add to vegetables and porridges. With fish it is better to acquaint the baby later, months with 8–9. In it there are a lot of useful amino acids, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins. It is better for the children having an allergy to postpone acquaintance to fish dishes for a while.

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