How to enter to the child into a diet cottage cheese

How to enter to the child into a diet cottage cheese

Cottage cheese – extraordinary useful product. It contains a large amount of the nutrients which are well affecting health of the child. But, as well as any other food, it is necessary to enter it into a diet of the baby correctly.


1. The age at which the child is ready to use cottage cheese, is defined individually. But before 6 months it is not recommended to give it as the advantage of it will not be, and here harm is quite possible. The high content of protein can badly affect work of kidneys, break a metabolism or cause allergies. You enter cottage cheese from 8-9 months, previously having consulted about it with the treating pediatrician.

2. Use only special children's cottage cheese which is on sale in shop, or train him independently, what will be even better. It has to be obligatory without fillers. It is impossible to feed with usual cottage cheese the kid because at his production the special standards developed for baby food are not respected. Besides, in children's cottage cheese softer and uniform consistence that is very important for babies with poorly developed chewing device.

3. Buying cottage cheese in shop, attentively read recommendations to it. After that add a few months more to the date specified on it. Among industrial children's cottage cheeses two views – creamy and dairy differ. The first contains bigger amount of fats and nutrients therefore it is recommended to give to kids with a weight lacking to norm. And dairy – to children with an excess weight.

4. Weld a product independently. Pour children's or one-percentage kefir in a clean can. Put it in a pan with water on a plate. Boil water within 5 minutes and cast away the clot received from kefir on a gauze. Then cool it to room temperature and give to the child.

5. Begin to enter cottage cheese into a diet of the kid from a quarter of a teaspoon once a day, gradually bringing it to 20-30 g. By a year the quantity of a product should not exceed 50 g a day. After two years the week norm of cottage cheese in a diet of the kid has to be 350 g.

6. After a year begin to feed the child with cottage cheese dishes, for example, casseroles, cheesecakes or souffle. It is also possible carefully to begin to give cottage cheese with filler, but only with on what it has no allergy.

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