How to entertain children during the holiday

How to entertain children during the holiday

It is more difficult to organize children's celebrations even, than adults. Kids did not get used to a talk at a table, food is not the main element. The basic during the holiday - fun. It is possible to provide to his guests your children.


1. Decorate the apartment. To invite other people's children to the house means to take the responsibility for their pastime. Provide interest already at the entrance to the apartment - take care of decoration of a corridor and the main room for a holiday. You can choose a certain subject or just hang out posters and extensions. Balls under a ceiling, ribbons on cases and other elements of a festive decor will carry away children and will create the necessary atmosphere. Make the poster with the photo of your child in the center and organize several minutes for writing of wishes around it from all guests.

2. Stage contests. Fun during the holiday assumes actions. Take in hand reins of government, in advance write the scenario. Ten competitions will last for you for several hours, do not try to overload children with entertainments. Force them to run about. You will need oranges and buckets. It is possible to organize a group running or pair. Children clamp orange between knees, on other side of the room there are empty buckets. The task is to carry orange to a bucket as soon as possible. If there is a lot of children, divide them into teams, and for each orange in a bucket charge points.

3. Put chairs in the center of the room around backs to each other. They have to be at least one less, than participants. Turn on the music. While it sounds, children go around chairs. Switch off a sound - at this moment it is necessary to manage to take the place. Standing leave, taking away with itself on a chair from a circle.

4. Take Whatman papers, cut everyone in half. The number of the turned-out sheets has to be equal to number of guests. In the center of the sheet draw the person big ridiculously - a simple oval, eyes, a mouth and amusing ears. It is possible to diversify hairstyles. It is better and better to prepare in advance, and on arrival of guests to hang out drawings on walls. Tie with a scarf to the participant eyes, bring to the poster, give a piece of plasticine in hands. Its task is to attach to the person a nose as it is possible more exactly. The indication of a name of the participant under his creation will become an additional entertainment - children will associate the poster a name, written on it.

5. Force children to put on a sock a leg without hands. Give out to participants on a sock, seat on chairs. Their task is to put on a sock one leg, using another. The one who will quicker cope will win.

6. Do not forget about prizes and gifts. Without them the competitive program loses for children of sense. Buy different inexpensive trifles like handles, notebooks, machines and brelok. Winners should be awarded not only, but also participants. Each child has to leave you with a gift.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team