How to entertain the 6-month-old child

How to entertain the 6-month-old child

On the sixth month of life the child begins to study actively everything that around it occurs. At this age of walk on the street turn into entertaining adventures, and house classes please with variety of the developing games.

Amusing games

Six-month-old the baby seeks to learn the world around actively. Most often at this age there comes the turning point when mothers feel that games with the beloved child move to a new level.

The classes developing coordination – what is necessary 6-month-old for the baby. The amusing game "Birdies Departed" will become a great option. Its essence is rather simple – mom slowly tells the child some tale of birds, and then raises hands up and claps on a phrase "birdies departed". Over time the baby will learn to wait for this moment, will laugh in advance and to participate actively in process of a game.

The game "At Dad on Shoulders" it is guaranteed will cause delight in the little fidget. The father has to put the child on shoulders, holding him for a back and to move slowly about the room. So the child will learn to control better the movements and to keep balance. If the kid is already able to creep, it is possible to build before him an amusing obstacle course, having put several pillows in multi-colored fabric pillowcases. The baby which does not show yet desire to participate in active games can be fond of a ball, cubes, interactive toys and the "speaking" books.

Walks on the street

On the sixth month of life the child can already walk on the street during wakefulness therefore it is possible to diversify its leisure with a campaign on the playground. Joint driving on a swing, the first acquaintance to the hill in mother's hands, loud laughter of kids – all this will cause the sea of positive emotions in the kid. Walk in the park will also help to entertain the baby, around - there is so much novel to it things. Mom has to not only show to the baby leaflets and a grass, but also to sound each subject in spite of the fact that the child cannot reproduce heard yet. To introduce in a campaign of bright paints, it is possible to tie a balloon to a carriage, he will definitely not allow the kid to get bored.

What toys to choose?

The sixth month of life – time for a continuous research. The child can offer toys with the opening doors, pocket mirrors, buttons, wheels which are got at each other glasses, etc. – bent the main thing that the kid independently experimented with them, banged and threw, under fixed supervision of adults. "Adult" toys, for example, the remote controller from the TV, the mobile phone of mom and a case from points begin to interest very often six-month-old children. Parents have to look attentively that the baby did not break a thing and did not swallow a small subject.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team