How to entertain the child at the dacha

How to entertain the child at the dacha

For adults at the dacha there will always be occupation: to dig up, weed, porykhlit, to water, fertilize... But with what to occupy little fidgets at this time? It is possible to think up a set of new games and entertainments in the fresh air!

Some children do not like to go to the dacha as desperately there miss habitual things and friends until adults are busy with the affairs. That the child did not miss, it is necessary to offer him options of interesting pastime.

1. Search of a treasure. Draw the plan of the site (so that it was clear to the child) and note the place where treasures are dug / are hidden. As a prize the sweet treat, toys, books and other can serve. A game is good the fact that it in it can play as one child, and a little or even several teams on 4-5 people.

2. Young photographer. If the child already rather independent, it is possible to give him the camera and to suggest to photograph that it is interesting to it: birds, butterflies, flowers, small insects, etc. Also, that the child felt the true press photographer, it is possible to give him tasks. For example, to photograph a certain tree or a plant, a neighbour's cat or hens. Pictures then it is necessary to discuss, praise the child and to learn what most of all was pleasant to him.

3. Assistant. It is possible to allocate to children the small site for weeding, having divided them into 2 teams. Children will compete with pleasure, at the same time feeling like the true assistants.

4. Tent. Help to construct to children a tent. New entertainment will occupy them for a long time, children like to equip the lodge and show the imagination in a game.

5. Games with water. In hot weather children especially will like water entertainments.

- Target. On a wall to draw with chalk a target (a circle, a heart and so forth). To prepare sponges and a bucket of water. Let children throw in a target wet sponges until the drawing completely is not washed away.

- Painter. The bucket of water and paint brushes by the number of children is required. Let children ""will paint"" a fence, a porch or the doghouse.

6. Games with sand. A sandbox - one of favourite places of each kid therefore it will like new games with sand.

- Drawings. Level sand and suggest the child to draw on it a stick. It is possible to draw animals, cars or a lodge. Then it is possible to suggest the child to lay out the drawing stones, sticks or a grass (similarity of applique).

- Lock. Construct the lock for a favourite street toy of the child and lodge it in it is mute. Around the lock it is possible to build the fence strengthened by sticks, to dig out a ditch and to fill it with water.

- Treasure. Dig a small toy or a coin in a sandbox and suggest the child to find it. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team