How to entertain the child of the house

How to entertain the child of the house

There are many entertaining hobbies in which it is possible to be engaged with the kid of the house. They do not demand special preparation, and there will be a lot of joy of interesting inventions.

Confidential headquarters

It is interesting to all children to hide in secret places of the house: to a case, the storeroom, under the bed. Together with the child it is possible to create confidential shtabik, having chosen the place and having equipped it with all necessary. For example, the child will choose a parental case as the secret place. Down we lay a blanket and we put a pillow, it is possible to put favourite toys and, of course, a small lamp in a corner. It is also possible to think up confidential "knock", for example, to open a door to the headquarters, it is necessary to knock three times. And for the period of absence of the child to leave a toy doggie as the security guard.

We draw chalk

Swept better to use school round, he writes better, than street square.

- to draw the best entertainment for kids chalk on asphalt. When season does not allow to do it, it is possible to resort to house option: it is possible to draw chalk houses on a floor. It is possible to draw classics or just florets, and after together to wash up a floor.

Entertaining figures

The mosaic and flexible hair curlers will help to study figures. Show to the child as from a mosaic to lay out each figure from one to ten, after that, with your help, let he will make it. Flexible hair curlers can give the form of any number too. Such non-standard approach, to all other, will create skill of spatial representation of a subject at the child.

Jewelry at windows

On the eve of New year it is accepted to decorate windows with snowflakes. But what can prevent to entertain the child of this of inventions at all seasons of the year. Draw and cut out multi-colored florets or circles and paste on window inside. Walking with the child on the street, do not forget to find the window. Any kid will be happy to decorate a window in the room.

Volcanic eruption

As useful scientific experience the child can show "volcanic eruption". For this purpose on a flat dish create a small volcano from plasticine with a deep muzzle in which one after another put the following ingredients: dye, detergent and soda. All components in an equal ratio. Now slowly pour last making "lavas" - vinegar in a muzzle of a volcano and observe "volcanic eruption" together with the kid.

Ice balls

Game with multi-colored ice balls can paint mittens of the kid.

Take several inflatable balls and fill in in them water from under the crane, add paint of any color. Leave balls in the freezer or on the street for 2 hours. As soon as ice balls strong freeze, they can be pulled out from the fridge and to remove inflatable balls. At us ice multi-colored spheres will turn out. It is possible to decorate with them the yard during walk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team