How to entertain the child on a birthday

How to entertain the child on a birthday

And here day for which the child so waited came. If you decided to note his houses, then prepare that you should stay the conjurer, the wizard, the actor and in general anyone. This day has to be remembered to both your child, and his little guests. And children cannot sit at a table all the time as adults. It will be boring for them, there will be conflicts, and the remarkable holiday will be spoiled. In order that it did not happen, it is necessary to be prepared properly.

It is required to you

  • Set for the conjurer
  • Dolls for puppet theater or a mask for a performance
  • Different trifles for prizes and gifts
  • Attributes for outdoor games
  • It is a little pyrotechnics or the balloon


1. Discuss with the child as you will welcome guests and that for this purpose is necessary. Of course, you already took care of a holiday table. But it is necessary to make so that nobody left you offended. Small children not always understand why they give a gift to the birthday boy, and they get nothing. Therefore any "nothing" has to be. Prepare something that you present to guests. It can be balloons, amusing cards, paper flowers. How to give to the child the present – you already, of course, solved. Other guests give presents either at the entrance, or at a table. Define the place where you will put gifts. Explain to the child that gifts should be developed and considered. Together with the child prepare several games, make to them attributes. Try to choose such games which are pleasant to both your child, and his guests. But you need to lay up also several syurprizny moments.

2. The children's holiday should not resemble an adult feast. It is better to begin it with something unexpected even for the birthday boy. Prepare, for example, a doll performance. It can be rather short fairy tale new or even the acquaintance. For this purpose, of course, it is necessary to prepare "auditorium" prior to the beginning of a holiday, having as appropriate placed chairs and a screen. The performance should not be very long.

3. After "an introductory part" seat children at the table. The holiday table usually occupies attention of children entirely therefore it is hardly required by something to entertain them. Take care of registration that laying corresponded to age and an event. Compositions from balls and in a special way the put napkins very much will decorate a table.

4. After a lunch organize games and entertainments, and here your imagination should not know I will hold. Right after food you should not play outdoor games. Best of all for this time to turn into the conjurer. Can prepare several simple focuses each parent. On sale even special sets for conjurers meet, and focuses can be prepared various. Them not necessarily there has to be much, there is enough 3-4 good focuses, you will show them several times and even suggest guests to try.

5. Organize outdoor games. If you hold them in the room, choose plays of small mobility. Pick up couple of round games. Traditional "Loaf" is very pleasant to the birthday boy. It is possible to use ball games, it seems "Edible - inedible", "Flies – does not fly". Are pleasant to children and games on development of imagination - "Make a beautiful figure" or "The sea worries". The main thing that rules of the game did not cause difficulties neither in the birthday boy, nor in his little guests. It is the best of all to finish outdoor games with one more round or just inactive game. After the game program the birthday boy invites all again to a table where tea with sweets is already spread. The birthday boy brings cake. On cake there can be candles by the number of years of the child. By tradition the birthday boy blows into them.

6. The children's holiday can be finished with small fireworks or start of the balloon. Of course, it is necessary to do it on the street before guests disperse.

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