How to entertain the kid during bathing

How to entertain the kid during bathing

Modern mom has to be in time all. And at home an order, and the child at business and itself is in good shape. Daily bathing of the kid can be made useful and fascinating for mom and the child. If to carry away the kid during bathing by interesting occupation, then and mom will have 15 - 20 minutes for herself. During this time it is possible to make a face pack or the express manicure. As a result all are happy.

It is required to you

  • - the washed-away markers
  • - color paste
  • - brush for drawing
  • - color sea salt
  • - various container
  • - wooden sticks
  • - shaving foam
  • - sponge


1. Option 1-Risuyem in the bathroom. Toys with which the kid plays in the bathroom bother him over time. Then the kid requires or a lot of your attention during bathing, or bathing turns into a five-minute washing. But an exit is, the child should be carried away. If you worry that the kid will slip during bathing, then buy a special stool. The child in safety, hands at him are free, it is possible to start games. Give to the child the color washed-away markers, draw that - nibud on a bathroom wall. The child will understand and will begin to paint walls. Depending on age, thus, it is possible to study colors, objects, letters. There are no markers, take color toothpaste. Give a brush for drawing, let creates masterpieces. It is possible to give even shaving foam. Then suggest to erase a wall sponge, their same very much carries away this process.

2. Option 2-we Learn chemical and physical processes. For this entertainment you will need color sea salt. Fill in a transparent glass of a little color salt, pour water. Give to the kid any stick, let him stir and watches what occurs. He will be surely carried away by salt dissolution process. Pour out solution it is direct to the bathroom. Such bathing is very useful. It is possible to take several empty bottles from under mineral water, in covers to make small openings. To fill salt of different flowers in bottles. To close a cover. Suggest the kid to heat such small bottle, water through openings will slowly fill a bottle and to mix up with salt. Such process will be interesting to the child. Thus, it is possible to study colors.

3. Option 3 - We study a body. Offer the kid the soaped sponge. Let he will wash the parts of a body offered by you. For example, the right hand, the left leg or fingers on the right leg. In such easy and fascinating way the kid will remember all parts of the body. If it is pleasant to it, then it is possible to suggest to wash a baby doll.

4. Option 3-the Game with the crane. You do not hurry to throw out small bottles and jars from under baby food. Your kid will perfectly spend time, playing with them. Move a stool for bathing close to the crane. Include a thin stream. Attention! You watch that the child did not open the crane with hot water and was not scalded. Hand it different jars with covers, it with pleasure will pour in them water and to close covers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team