How to equip the playground

How to equip the playground

With approach of summer there is a wish to spend much time with the child on the street. At the same time it is necessary to make so that it was not boring for your kid. No problem will arise if you have own house or the dacha. The only question which will rise before you - how to equip the playground?


1. Before works consider, there will be a platform where exactly. Consider that you have to keep an eye on the child constantly. Allocate the place which is well looked through from a window for the playground.

2. Fill up foundation of the platform with sand or sow a grass. Do not do wooden floorings and of course do not fill in with concrete, otherwise you will put the child at risk of getting injured.

3. If you have material resources, get ready plastic designs. They differ in a variety and bright paints and for certain will delight your kid. If there is no such opportunity, do not despair. Create the platform the hands. Dream, and your child will have unforgettable memories of the childhood.

4. Most of all small children like to dig in a sandbox. Here also make it. The main thing - carefully process boards that the child did not receive a splinter. Give to a sandbox the unusual form. It is much more interesting to play in the machine or the ship. In order that the garbage and that sand was not too carried by wind did not get to a sandbox, think up an amusing canopy.

5. Any playground cannot do without swing. Suspend them on rather thick branch of a tree or create a design own hands. At the same time take care of that columns of a swing were driven deeply and were not unsteady.

6. Place the small inflatable pool on the platform. It very much is useful to the child in hot summertime.

7. Construct the complex consisting of small ladders.

8. Paint all made elements of the playground with bright paints and ornament cheerful pictures.

9. Make to the child a small lodge or a gazebo in which he will be able to hide and receive guests. Put in him a small bench and a table. The kid likes to have tea in own house. Now you know how to equip the playground and for certain will please the child with saturated summer holiday.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team