How to expiate the child

How to expiate the child

Bathing of the kid – a task not from the easiest. He seems such fragile and tiny therefore many parents very much are afraid of this important procedure. Despite all this, bathing – a remarkable reason for close communication of parents with the kid. Also it promotes good health of the baby, prevents appearance of skin diseases, an intertrigo, improves appetite, gives to the kid a sound and healthy sleep.

It is required to you

  • - bath with the hill and warm water;
  • - broth of a train or solution of potassium permanganate;
  • - skin for bathing;
  • - sponge for bathing.


1. Before starting bathing, prepare all most necessary and try to forget nothing.

2. Use a plastic children's bathtub for bathing. In advance get to it a special support – the hill. It will help to support the kid during bathing and will significantly facilitate to you this work. Before bathing well rinse a bath and wash with hot water.

3. Then previously gather in a bath of warm water and surely check its temperature. For this purpose use the special thermometer. You carry out bathing of the kid in clear boiled water with an optimum temperature of thirty six degrees Celsius. Add solution of potassium permanganate or broth of herbs to water. Near the bathroom put a basin with water for rinsing of the kid that at you everything was ready.

4. The most optimal variant for bathing - train infusion is considered. For its preparation fill in a half of a glass of a train with one liter of boiled water in advance and give it will infuse within ten minutes. Then filter broth through a gauze and add to a bath.

5. If you use potassium permanganate, then at first dissolve it in the separate container with warm water and track that all kristallik were dissolved. After that add solution to a bath. Water with the dissolved potassium permanganate has to be light pink color.

6. Try not to use soap for bathing of the kid. It is capable to cause dryness of skin, the naggers, irritation, and sometimes and allergic reaction. Seriously treat the choice of means for bathing of the child. It is the best of all to buy in pharmacy various skins on the basis of herbs.

7. Holding with hands, carefully put the kid on the hill in a bath. Take a sponge, detergent and easy movements slightly soap the baby. Carefully pour over it water from a bucket and you watch that water did not get to eyes, a mouth or ears. Then carefully turn the kid on a tummy and repeat the procedure with soaping once again.

8. After bathing rinse the kid with clear water and wrap up in a warm towel. Then well rub off it, miss the mark all folds with baby oil and quickly change clothes.

9. To accustom the baby to the mode, you carry out bathing at the same time. Bathe the kid in the evening before the last feeding. After bathing he will quickly calm down and will sleep more strong for all night.

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