How to expiate the newborn unaided

How to expiate the newborn unaided

The birth of the kid – a joyful event. But after discharge from maternity hospital the parents often panic because of the doubts on care for the newborn. Bathing can become the first difficulty. Bathing of the kid of many parents horrifies. But in it there is nothing difficult, only a little tranquility and tender hands of mom is necessary.

It is required to you

  • - children's bathtub
  • - children's shampoo
  • - towel
  • - means of hygiene


1. Bathing of the kid can be carried out both in the evening before going to bed, and in the afternoon or even in the morning. Splashing in a bath differently affects children. Can calm someone before night sleep, and some can strongly be excited and begin to act. Having chosen time for bathing, you soon will notice how water affects your child.

2. Before bathing prepare water in a small bath with a temperature of 37 °. Over time it is possible to lower this degree a little for hardening. In a separate ladle or a jug prepare clear water for rinsing. In a big bathtub you should not bathe the child about half a year. First, he still small, can also slip out hands. Secondly, big bathtub not ideally clean. And, thirdly, it will be extremely inconvenient to you to stand, having bent in half. Prepare a towel in the straightened look, clothes, a diaper, body oil. If the umbilical wound did not heal yet, then prepare everything for its processing.

3. Take on the child's hands. Put his head on your elbow part of a hand, and a palm take for armpits. Other hand undertake legs. Lower the kid in water accurately, slowly, that he was not frightened of water. As soon as the child appears in water, release his legs. If the kid likes to be in water, then he will begin to jerk legs.

4. A free hand wash up to the kid a face, wipe behind ears, neck folds. Then take children's soap or shampoo which is intended from the birth. Soap to yourself a hand a little and wipe with tender movements to the kid a stomach, legs and between them, in axillary hollows, handles and bends elbow. Do not forget to walk a soap hand on a neck and behind ears. Rinse hands and again the same movements wash the child clear water from a bath. Well wipe folds that the kid had no irritation on soap.

5. Spink and the priest can wash, without overturning the child. Raise him just a little. If you are not afraid to overturn the kid, then a free hand help themselves to turn him on a stomach and also lay on a hand. After that it is possible to wash it behind. Do not forget to rinse well from shampoo. After washing it is necessary to raise the child one hand that to rinse with the second it from a bucket. If you doubt yourself, then ask somebody to water on the child from a jug while you hold it.

6. Lay the child on a towel and at once wrap up with it. Do not wipe the child, and get wet with a towel, since the head. After that it is possible to treat the umbilical wound, to clean to the kid ears, to process folds oil or just to dunk them a towel from excess moisture. It is worth dressing the child also from the head. Do not wrap up in a large number of clothes after bathing. There will be enough what you dress daily.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team