How to explain to children what is color

How to explain to children what is color

Light is the electromagnetic wave extending in space with a certain speed. Its length is the distance between wave crests. The size which a human eye can perceive is called visible light. It influences an eye retina, thus the person distinguishes colors. It is possible to train the child from early age. Using different techniques, quite really to teach to distinguish shades even 10-month-old the baby. It is necessary to draw attention of the kid, to try to develop assiduity, to stock up with patience.

It is required to you

  • - papers of A-4 format;
  • - paints with a brush;
  • - color spheres of several flowers;
  • - sketchbook;;
  • - color cardboard or paper;
  • - color paper;
  • - paints;
  • - brush;
  • - pyramid;
  • - adhesive tape;
  • - toys;
  • - boxes for toys.


1. Allocate for classes no more than 15 minutes a day, for example, when the kid after a daytime sleep, is vigorous and cheerful. Begin training with storing of primary colors, then pass to their shades. Show to the kid for one class in one color, it is so simpler to remember and not to be confused further.

2. Take the sheet of paper of A-4 format. Give to the child a brush and paints, it is possible to buy finger-type. Let he will apply on paper of a spot of a red, yellow, black and blue color. Take away a leaf, put it in half, press, then open. At you the set of flowers and shades has to turn out. So you will interest the kid.

3. Apply on paper several points by means of a brush, better yellow paint, add a point of a blue shade. Bring to the kid at arm's length, the picture will seem green color.

4. Buy balloons red, blue, green and other flowers, inflate them. Tell about their coloring to the kid, let's touch a subject. Every day show a new sphere, explain what it a shade, fix material on the example of earlier studied flowers.

5. Acquire color paper or color cardboard, coloring of sheets has to be bright and natural. White should not look as beige, and red - as crimson. It is necessary for formation of the correct perception.

6. Cut out various outlines of objects from paper. For example, from red - tomato, and from yellow - the sun with beams or Kolobok. The main thing that to the kid there was familiarly name of a subject, is desirable that it focused not on the name, and at color. You can make a figure of different shades, the child it is associative will understand that the car can be both blue, and red.

7. Paste on walls by means of an adhesive tape the cut-out objects and constantly pronounce colors with the kid, for example, when you pass by or when decide that time for studying new material came, having fixed passable.

8. Having learned yellow color on the example of the sun, you can show to the kid all objects in the house of similar color. Explain to him that there is still a machine, a duckling and a jacket of the same shade.

9. Ask the child to bring a subject or a thing of the studied color. Let he will give you a circle from a pyramid, will give a panama or socks, for example, of green color.

10. Ask the kid during the games what color any given subject. Let him not always correctly call, do not forget to praise the child for each answer. Sort toys by color appointment in different boxes or packages, let the baby help you.

11. Fix the passable material daily. You bring lessons in everyday life when the child on a pot, eats or plays.

12. You can try to study colors by means of pyramids, the alphabet, having drawn letters of various flowers and shades on paper.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team