How to explain to children what is the fairy tale

How to explain to children what is the fairy tale

Fairy tales attract children with the plots, unusual stories, miracles and transformations. The child is younger, the less often he distinguishes the fairy tale from reality and perceives its plot as the story told about his life. Becoming is more senior, children guess that not everything in the fairy tale is truthful that in life so does not happen, but for some reason such fairy tales begin to be pleasant even more. In 5-6 years the preschool children are already ready to learn what is the fairy tale.

It is required to you

  • - book of fairy tales with colourful illustrations;
  • - hats masks of heroes of fairy tales.


1. Show to the child of 2-3 years the book of fairy tales with colourful illustrations. It is necessary since figurative thinking of the kid is still insufficiently developed. At this age children listen and understand tales of animals: wild and house. Stories which happen to them in the work are similar to life stories of ordinary people therefore the child easily represents himself the participant of this fairy tale.

2. Explain this analogy to the child. Present to roles of characters him and his friends. Fantastic and unusual is only the fact that acts are made by animals.

3. Suggest the kid to play the fairy tale together with you, having put on a hat mask of the character the head. Let the child himself will choose to himself a role. When playing a role, draw the attention of the child that he arrives now "as a wolf in the fairy tale". And happens in life what he too so does?

4. Connect the fairy tale with reality. Remember together cases when children arrive the same as in fantastic history. Vanechka drank waters from a hoof (from a pool) and became a kozlenochok. And what with the person can become if he drinks dirty water or will lift and will eat dirty food on the street? Tell that in each fairy tale there is a lecture, prevention and even punishment.

5. Tell the child of 4-5 years that fairy tales are dreams of people of good, beautiful, successful life. At adults as well as at children not everything turns out in life therefore people think out to themselves "fantastic assistants": flying carpet, boots fast walkers. Dreams help to reach the desirable therefore already there are real planes, trains and cars that allows people to move quickly. And of what the child dreams?

6. Write together the tale of his dream by analogy with the fairy tale which is pleasant to the child. Draw this fairy tale in several subject pictures, sign under them the text.

7. Choose a fairy tale fragment which has educational value, and show to the child that the fairy tale is also the hint as it is necessary to arrive in a difficult life situation. For example, show in the fairy tale "Sivka-burka" to the child why Ivan managed to catch the thief, and to his brothers – no. He did not sleep, sat on a pebble, guarded, and his brothers fell asleep and did not see the pilferer. To show patience, will and it is possible to receive a valuable remuneration not only in the fairy tale.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team