How to explain to children what is the person

How to explain to children what is the person

When the small child grows up so what it is capable to ask questions, the most real squall from "And why … falls upon parents?" and "That it …?". And often to answer these questions very hardly. Here, for example, the kid suddenly puzzled mom or dad, with interest having asked: "And what is the person?". And it is even unclear how it is better for it to answer if adults, quite perhaps, never thought of such question.


1. If your family religious, you can answer the child in initial spirit: the person is created by the Lord in his own image. It is not necessary to go into details, be better limited to the short story about Adam and Eve, without touching upon subjects of their fall and exile from paradise. You can read a suitable fragment from the nursery of the Bible or consult to the priest as it is better to tell about it to the kid.

2. It is necessary to parents atheists more difficultly, especially if they deliberate, kind of the answers not guide the kid at the following natural question: "And from where I undertook?". It is the best of all to begin the answer thus: "You understand, the person – the same living being, as well as any animal. For example, as our doggie (cat) or pigeons who fly every day to us to the yard. It should eat something too and to drink, to live somewhere. But in many respects it differs from them". Also suggest the kid most to think of a question: what differences of the person from an animal exist? It will be very fascinating and useful occupation for the baby.

3. When you together list - the person is able to talk, goes dressed, on two legs, lives in houses, uses ware, household appliances, etc. - tell the child about the main difference. Begin so: "You are our child, we very much love you, we care for you. But and animals love the cubs, care for them. Means, there is one more - main - difference". Also try to explain that the person is able to think, dream, look in the future. He is cleverer than an animal, in it his main advantage.

4. And in conclusion explain to the child that this ability imposes special responsibility on the person. "Time of people thinks, so he is responsible for the acts - both for good, and for bad. Here and you always have to behave well that it was not a shame to either us, or other people with you. And now, when you still small, and in the future when you grow up". These words for certain will well be remembered to the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team