How to explain to the child about a sound

How to explain to the child about a sound

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Sounds surround us constantly. It both city noise, and the dripping water from the crane, and our speech. All sounds differ from each other. Speech sounds - specific. Distinguishing them in a flow of the speech, we can define words, offers. Thus there is a human communication. Children in the course of the development master the native language, but often happens that sounds are acquired incorrectly. As a result speech development can go on an incorrect way.

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1. Talk to the child more often, you monitor own pronunciation. Sounds have to be accurate. Read to the child short verses and stories. You speak slowly and you ask the child to repeat words on syllables. If you noticed that your kid (children after 4 years) does not pronounce any sounds of the speech or tells them incorrectly, then address the logopedist for consultation. It is possible that the reason that the child does not distinguish speech sounds aurally (violation of phonemic perception).

2. To learn to distinguish sounds of the native language, buy a logopedic lotto and didactic material (pictures). For a start take the sounds different in characteristics, for example a sound With and B. Podberite pictures which names begin on these sounds (elephant, cheese, a catfish, a dog, a tambourine, a beaver, a balalaika). Show to the child each picture and ask to call the objects represented on it. If the kid does not know that it, call. Explain a game condition: you show the picture, and the child calls a subject and chooses to himself only the pictures beginning with S. Igrat's sound it is possible with different pictures and different sounds.

3. When the child already learned to define sounds, play with him a logopedic lotto. For this purpose give to the child a card with a certain sound, for example S and S. Explain that you will look for these two sounds in words and to choose only such pictures. Show to the child various pictures with objects on different sounds. The kid has to choose only the necessary pictures. Complicate a task and ask to define a sound position in a word (at the beginning, in the middle or at the end). For example, a dog - a sound With at the beginning of a word, a wheel - a sound in the middle, the bus - a sound at the end.

4. If at the child it is impossible to say any sound, try to explain him his articulation in front of the mirror. Together with the child try to achieve the correct pronunciation. For example, explain that the sound With is a song of a mosquito, it whistles. Lips in a smile, language behind the lower teeth, and the air stream cold also blows down. There is a special articulation gymnastics which will help to master the correct pronunciation of a sound.

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