How to explain to the child from where children undertake

How to explain to the child from where children undertake

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Children are not inclined to hesitate of something and to think of public opinion. Therefore on the most intimate and intimate subjects they can alternate questions to reasonings on why the cat mews, and the sky blue. At the same time, most of kids begin to be interested from where children undertake and what boys differ from girls, at the age of 3-4 years in. How to discuss so delicate question with the little man?

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1. You speak with the kid by a quiet and equal voice. Do not show that his question confused you. Discuss this subject on an equal basis with other questions interesting it. Do not wave away from the child. Never you say to the kid that to him early to know something. It will lead to the extraordinary interest of the child in this subject.

2. You should not speak to the kid about cabbage and storks. Sooner or later he all the same learns learns the truth from peers, and your deception can become for it blow. Children of 3-4 years can tell that kids appear from a sunflower seed which grows in a stomach at mother. If the child is slightly more senior, then can interest him how this sunflower seed got there. Then the kid should explain that when people love the friend's friend, they marry, then, lying in a bed, embrace, and the father places a sunflower seed in mother's stomach. If you hesitate or cannot be at loss for words, then buy the book with pictures for the smallest.

3. At the end of a conversation surely tell the child that there are questions which strangers cannot set and also subjects which are indecent for discussing at a big congestion of the people.

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