How to explain to the child that he has no dad

How to explain to the child that he has no dad

That the child was happy and grew up morally healthy, the full-fledged family is necessary for him. But, unfortunately, there are situations when only mom is engaged in education of the child. To women who are the only parent for the kid not easy to explain to him why it has no dad.


1. Often, to endure family breakdown very difficult. Despite experiences and depression, it is necessary to give all the same caress and love to the child. For the child this period in life – too difficult. Therefore some mothers to protect the kid from new experiences, think out the answer to a question: "Why I have no dad?", which is a lie. This wrong decision, sooner or later the kid learns the truth and then psychological problems cannot be avoided.

2. Treat preparation of the answer to this question with a big share of responsibility and gravity. Do not think that your child, will treat absence in family of one of parents absolutely calmly. Observing the peers in a garden or on the street not only with mom, but also with dad, he will ask a question why it has no dad. The main thing, at a conversation with the kid on this subject keep calm. Do not splash out negative emotions, do not bring down on it all truth at once, but also the answer do not detain, otherwise it will interest the child even more.

3. At first just explain what so sometimes happens that not in all families there are fathers. Initially to the kid there will be enough such answer and he will a little calm down. But after a while, the child will be interested more in the father: why he is absent where it now. Explaining to the child, you speak about his dad neutrally, you do not speak what he bad and that it is guilty. You do not spoil an image of the father at the child.

4. Besides, do not invent to the kid various stories, answer with simple words not to injure mentality of the child. Think that when he grows up, he will be your support and he will not like to learn at all that you to it lied.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team