How to explain to the child what harm from cigarettes consists in

How to explain to the child what harm from cigarettes consists in

Modern children do not trust in baize any more about a nicotine drop which kills a horse. And at the same time the negative habit to smoke cigarettes looks younger every year. Scheduled maintenance on prevention of smoking is carried out already in kindergartens and at elementary school.

It is required to you

  • Patience, worldly wisdom and knowledge of anatomy and human physiology.


1. Before beginning a conversation with the child and to explain to him what harm from cigarettes consists in, think whom the child can copy. Close and darling often becomes an object for imitation. If in family and in the immediate environment of the child the negative relation to drugs is created, then it is necessary to explain that tobacco is drug too, only harm from it is shown is delayed, in several years. The dependence is formed from the first days of smoking and to get rid of this addiction very much and very difficult.

2. The preventive discussion with preschool children can be led after the game in shop on which shelves except the goods necessary in life and food, packs of cigarettes are exposed. If the child put cigarettes in the trade basket, it is possible to ask him to explain why. Such game will help the adult to learn the main reasons for which the kid reaches for a cigarette (Bought Mame or dad, to the grandfather I will carry, etc.). with preschool children it is useful to play doll performances in which Dunno lit and began to cough. Children know how painfully happens to cough, it can stop them to take a cigarette.

3. Preschool children and younger school students well react to advertizing since it is the small colourful movie with the finished plot. Therefore at watching television it is necessary to pay attention to social clips in which people refuse smoking. Movies where people smoke, and at the same time cough, spit out saliva, close adults can also use for a conversation with the child of any age, expressing at the same time the negative attitude.

4. At schools as informative material the doctors and teachers can show to children documentaries about harm of smoking, about influence of nicotine and smoke on lungs, heart, on the nervous and vascular system. It is important to lead at the same time the subsequent discussion where children can express the opinion, doubts. The expert at the same time can explain what happens to an organism why diseases develop.

5. The fact that smokers die from cancer a lung and cancer of a throat for the younger generation is perceived as abstraction in the distant future and happening to anyone, only not to them therefore the emphasis at an explanation should be placed on momentary changes in a body and bodies. This tachycardia after smoking (influence on the blood and vascular system); dryness in a mouth or on the contrary, plentiful salivation (influence on digestive system and quality of processing of food), cough (influence on a respiratory system), etc.

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