How to explain to the child who such God

How to explain to the child who such God

Sooner or later each child has questions as there was a world and who such God. To answer them happens not easy and for the correct explanation it is better to ask for the help the children's Bible.

The most important that the child has to know about God is that Lord is the main being, the Creator and the Creator of all that exists. God — invisible spirit which, like the tsar, owns completeness of force and the power, but only not in one country, and around the world. It exists everywhere: sees and cares for all people, is the strongest, wise and kind governor. God watches the world and all people on Earth, wishing that they lived in happiness and justice. It is difficult to understand who such God separately without his activity. Therefore it is important to know that he is a creator of all real and also the forefather, i.e. the parent of the person.

God — the creator of the world

At first it is necessary to pay attention to all world around: mountains, woods, trees, flowers. Besides people the world inhabits a huge great number of birds, animals and insects. The person goes on the ground, and over him there is a beautiful blue sky from which shines and warms the sun, the rain drips and clouds frown. This world is how beautiful and amazing.

But earlier, once long ago, nothing it was. There were neither people, nor animals, nor even the sky and the earth. There was only one God who desired that this wonderful world appeared. At first God created Angels — kind spirits. Then created the earth, but around there was a darkness. God within six days worked on creation of white light and that beautiful nature that surrounds us now.

In the first day God created light and became light on the earth. In the second day God created terra firma and the firmament above the ground appeared. In the third day by the word of the Lord arose on the earth of the river, the sea, the lake and the mountain. In the same day God decorated the earth a green grass, beautiful with flowers, fruit and vegetables. In the fourth day the Lord created in a star firmament. At the same time he wished that one was the sun and lit the world in the afternoon, and the moon became other star and lit the earth at night. For the fifth day the Lord decided to create beautiful fishes and birds on the earth. For the sixth day at God's will animals, "all kinds of people" appeared. All of them enjoyed life in this wonderful world and eulogized Lord. And God with pleasure looked at the creations and was happy with the new world.

God — the one who created the person

Everything pleased the Lord in his new created world, but he understood that he is not enough on the earth of the person. And God decided to create the person who as envisioned God's, has to become a mister over all animals, birds and plants. In a word, the Lord created the person just like the that that became the full owner of all earth. And the first person God created from a piece of the earth from which he created a body and blew into it soul. It allocated soul with reason that the person could think and consciously make decisions. The man who was called Adam became the first person. But over time the Lord noticed that it is lonely to Adam to live alone on the earth. He could not with anybody neither talk, nor divide joy or grief. To one it was boring for Adam, and the Lord took pity on him and decided to create for him the wife who would be always near it. Lord entered Adam into very sound sleep and took out one edge from his breast. From this edge he created to Adam the wife — Eve. Adam and Eve very much fell in love with each other and happily together lived.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team