How to explain to the child why he has no dad

How to explain to the child why he has no dad

Sad statistics of stains grows from year to year. Many children are raised without father, and surely there will come the moment when the child begins to be interested in this fact. To it it is necessary to be ready, formation of a self-assessment and outlook of the child depends on how you explain him absence of dad.


1. Prepare the truthful story in the form available to perception of the child. To it to know all truth from mom better, than from neighbors or from other relatives. Do not encourage the child stories that the father left. Sooner or later all truth will emerge outside, it will be blow to children's mentality. Children hardly transfer deception of adults.

2. Form a positive image of the father in perception of the child. For this purpose forgive the ex-husband and release all offenses at it. Never you tell bad words about the father how many you from him have been through a lot, and do not allow it to your rodstveniika and acquaintances. These are your attitudes and towards children they do not belong. The father for the child has the same value, as well as mother.

3. Explain to him that you loved each other earlier, and then the situation changed. So it turned out, and it needs to be accepted as this. He left (to other city, lives with other woman etc.), and it is so best of all for him. And to you and it is together good because you love each other and you will always be together. It will facilitate experiences of the kid and will be an honest truth. It is very important because children intuitively feel a lie.

4. Show on the example of other families (personal acquaintances or heroes of movies) that the absence of dad does not mean at all that the child will grow up not such as all. Your family is less, than at some of his acquaintances, but in it there is a lot of love, understanding and respect. And it is also the most important in the family relations.

5. And the most important, always let the child know that you very much love it. You tell him it more often. Find for the kid so much time how many he demands. Surrounded with attention and care, he will feel full, and the absence of the father will perceive not so sharply over time. The main thing, do not overdo and do not indulge all its whims, otherwise you will bring up the spoiled and disobedient person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team