How to facilitate a teething at the child

How to facilitate a teething at the child

The teething - an event, important for the kid, also begins it at everyone at the time, but usually at the age of 3 months and about one year. There are children who at the birth already have one tooth, and at someone they appear closer by a year. And what unites all kids in this period, so this disease state.


1. Before appearing, tooth passes through a gum cover. And some parents want somehow to help this process to pass quicker. But the nature tried so that teeth at children appeared independently therefore pediatricians advise not to interfere with the natural course of events. It can only alleviate suffering at these moments. For this purpose there are several means. Earlier, for example to the kid allowed to chew a curative root alteya.

2. Now special rings enjoy bigger popularity. By the way, before giving such ring to the child, it is necessary to take it a little in the fridge. Such toy removes hypostasis and inflammation calms. It is better to use silicone rings as they can be sterilized.

3. During a teething various medicines, for decrease in temperature, or special medicines for anesthesia can help. But febrifugal drugs need to be given only with the permission of the doctor. And it is independently possible to allow the kid to suck something cold. It for a while will calm pain and will reduce pressure upon gums.

4. It is also possible to run over gums a cold finger or a spoon or to allow to chew breadstick or crouton. It is possible also fresh fruit and vegetables, for example, a cucumber or banana. But, at all not carrot, if there was already the first tooth, the child can bite off and choke it. If the feeding up is already entered, it is possible to taste cold apples puree or natural yogurt. Also usual water in a small bottle will approach. But, as the child at such moments has a small appetite, be not surprised if he refuses food. In that case will remain, only to take you it on hands, to press to itself and to calm.

5. The fact that similar unpleasant feelings will accompany the kid at emergence only of the several first teeth calms. And then the tooth problem gradually will come to naught. Later eruption will not give trouble to the child, molars will not begin to appear yet.

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