How to facilitate dry cough of the child

How to facilitate dry cough of the child

One of the first symptoms of cold is cough. And most often in an onset of the illness it dry, scratching mucous, and it causes many painful feelings at the child. But if from the first days of a disease to carry out various anti-inflammatory procedures, it is possible not only to soften cough, but also to cure it quicker.

It is required to you

  • - the warm alkaline and vitaminized drinks;
  • - set for a compress, mustard plasters;
  • - sea salt, a grass or essential oil of rosemary, a sage, a camomile for inhalations
  • - cough syrup "doctor of MOM", Pertussin, Ambrohexal, Lazolvan, "Bromhexine".


1. During cold because of inflammation of airways the natural moistening mucous is broken. As a result it becomes dry therefore cough and causes painful feelings. This process happens within 2-4 days, formation of a phlegm will not begin yet. But to accelerate this moment and to alleviate suffering of the child, it is better to carry out intensive treatment with the advent of the first symptoms of a disease.

2. Treatment of cough at children has essential differences from treatment at adults, it is more difficult for kids to make inhalations or to give to drink useful drinks. However the variety of procedures allows to achieve positive result in treatment of cold.

3. For treatment of dry cough at the child use the warming-up procedures, but provided that body temperature is not increased.

4. As child it will be impossible to force to inhale hot steam from a tea nose, you carry out inhalations in a different way. Heat coarse sea salt in a frying pan. Add to it a pinch of rosemary, a sage or a camomile, or 1 drop of essential oil of any of these plants. When they begin to exhale aroma, pour out everything in a soup plate and bring close to the child that he inhaled aroma of herbs. Repeat this procedure several times a day.

5. If temperature is not increased, warm a thorax of the child with a compress and mustard plasters. These procedures promote expansion of vessels, blood supply improvement thanks to what inflammatory process happens quicker. For a compress use usual warm water. Moisten in it fabric, having slightly wrung out, apply it to a thorax, cover it with an oilcloth, cotton wool and wind with a woolen scarf. Leave for the night. For a compress you can use the boiled mashed potatoes hot. Add to it several drops of vegetable oil, wrap everything in dense fabric and apply to a thorax and that it heated longer, cover it with a foil. Apply mustard plasters during the day. In order to avoid irritation of skin, put them through fine fabric. Even thus they will show the useful properties.

6. For mitigation of cough give often and gradually warm drinks: the warmed-up milk with mineral water or a pinch of soda and honey, just warm mineral water. Also give teas with a lemon, it is more than tasty sweet-sour fruit drinks and compotes.

7. For treatment of dry cough at the child you carry out all warming procedures several times a day, and after them you watch that the kid was in a bed. Follow rules of care for the patient: air often the room, you carry out in it damp cleaning and maintain humidity of air – hang up a wet diaper or deliver to bank with water. These measures are necessary for good ventilation of lungs and simplification of breath.

8. For the night when the cough becomes severe and paroxysmal, for its suppression you can give to the kid syrup, it is desirable plant origin, for example, "the doctor of MOM" and when cough becomes damp - Pertussin. Ambrohexal, Lazolvan, "Bromhexine". They are suitable for fluidifying and removal with phlegm cough more. The dosage of any of them depends on age of the child therefore before application carefully study the instruction: study all contraindications and side effects. The most part of medicines for cough is contraindicated to children up to 2 years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team