How to fall in love with nonnative mother

How to fall in love with nonnative mother

The relations between parents and children sometimes develop rather tensely. Especially it concerns those families in which mother is not native. Children treat her coldly, and sometimes even have feeling of hatred.


1. If you understand that you do not love the foster mother and feel to her hostility, first of all you have to understand why it occurs. For certain to such feeling there will be the explanation. If you do not accept behavior of this woman, try to explain to her what does not suit you. Tell that you not tolerate the similar address and the attitude towards yourself and ask it to change. Tell the adoptive mother that you are ready to accept and even to fall in love with her if you notice that she has to you reciprocal feelings.

2. If the reason of lack of your love is only that this woman did not give birth to you, you need to work only on yourself as it than will not be able to help you. Pay attention to what is done for the sake of you by this person as it to care for you and your close people. Understand that some children grow in general without mother and do not know what is maternal care. You have all this, but you continue to feed hatred for the woman who accepted you as own child. Try to inspire in yourself that it is worthy the best attitude towards itself.

3. To approach the foster mother, try to spend more time near her. Go to joint walk, you descend on shops. Stay together. To you nobody has to prevent to communicate. Only straight talks are heart-to-heart capable to let you know what person before you. Perhaps, during joint rest you will be able to open for yourself new qualities of the adoptive mother, to understand her feelings and experiences and also to tell that you think. If you managed to organize walk with mom, behave it is liberated and is positive. Do not hesitate to laugh as laughter helps to relieve the tension and does people closer to each other.

4. If your foster mother took the place of your native mom after the divorce of parents, do not harbor malice against her. Perhaps, your mom herself became the initiator of divorce. Understand that people who have to each other no mutual feelings just cannot live together. They will constantly quarrel, and the family finally all the same will break up. If this woman could make happy your father, you have to feel to her gratitude. Yes, at first you will not be able to treat her with love, but for a start stop to hate it. Over time your hatred can replace rather warm feelings. You should not condemn adults who have the right to build the life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team