How to feed if a crack in a nipple

How to feed if a crack in a nipple

When feeding, cracks of nipples can arise a breast, especially in the first weeks. The reasons for that a little - insufficient preparation of mammary glands, the wrong technology of feeding, hypovitaminosis, the general weakening of an organism of the woman. Such cracks slowly begin to live, inflame and can lead to mastitis.

It is required to you

  • Overlays for feeding, overlay for carrying in a bra, sea-buckthorn oil, Bepanten ointment.


1. If cracks not really big, you feed the child through the special slips from thin silicone which are on sale in pharmacies. They create a dividing layer between a maternal nipple and a mouth of the kid. Of course, completely they will not eliminate pain, but after all will reduce it and will help to keep breastfeeding during this difficult period.

2. If the crack deep and cannot be fed the child because of severe pains, suspend feeding before their healing. Decant milk, without touching a nipple, in sterile ware and you feed the kid through a pacifier. It is not necessary for additional sterilization of milk. Having rummaged in feeding — a last resort, you approach it responsibly.

3. Get overlays for a breast which are intended for carrying in a bra. They do not allow linen fabric to adjoin and injure nipples densely. These devices have openings for air circulation that accelerates healing process.

4. Grease after feeding of a pacifier with the ointments containing lanolin. Very effective and safe remedy is Bepanten ointment. It contains B5 pro-vitamin which nourishes skin and promotes its fast healing. Do not use brilliant green, alcohol-containing solutions as skin of a breast is very much overdried from these means without emergency.

5. Leave a breast open after feeding or decantation for several minutes. Grease cracks with the colostrum or milk and dry. Breast milk contains immunoglobulins which protect from microbes and viruses.

6. Follow some rules during feeding. You feed often and not long, long sucking of a breast provokes skin maceration. Change position of the child. Upon termination of feeding correctly take away a breast. Do not do it with a great effort, in this case the risk of injury of a nipple and an areola increases. If the kid does not release pacifiers, slightly hold to him a nose. Put to a nipple ice for reduction of pain before feeding.

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