How to feed the 4-month-old child

How to feed the 4-month-old child

Maternal milk is recognized as the best food for the baby. It provides it not only the balanced structure, but also immunity which is vital for the small organism not capable still to resist to multiple infections. But by four months of need of the kid for substances increase therefore in his menu new products gradually appear.


1. The diet of the 4-month-old child consists of five feedings by breast milk. Add fruit juice which enters from 1 month to one of feedings. From 1.5 months add skobleny apple to the second feeding. And from 4 months add the first feeding up to the third feeding – vegetable puree which consists of potatoes, carrots and cabbage.

2. After full adaptation of the kid to vegetable puree (in 2 weeks) one chest feeding is replaced with a feeding up. Respectively, the daily diet of the 4-month-old child contains four feedings by breast milk and one - vegetable puree. The approximate interval of day feeding of the 4-month-old child makes 3.5 hours, and night – from 6.5 to 8 hours. Intervals between feedings are individual, but to develop good secretion of gastric juice, it is better to adhere to a diet.

3. Feeding of the 4-month-old child who is on artificial feeding differs a little. All feedings up for such children enter for two weeks earlier. Respectively, the daily diet of the 4-month-old child consists of four feedings by the adapted mixes (on 180 g), one feeding by the diluted cow's milk (150 ml) with addition of a half in it the hard-boiled egg yolk and one feeding by vegetable puree (150 ml) with addition in it olive or corn oil (half of a dessertspoon).

4. To one of feedings add apple juice, to another - grated apple. According to the recommendation of the pediatrician give the cottage cheese which is specially made for babies. Begin with 1 tsp and within a week bring to 3-4 spoons. It is better to give cottage cheese with milk.

5. As dairy mixes are late in a stomach longer, feeding of the 4-month-old child on artificial feeding is carried out with a wide interval, than usually, and with a smaller volume of food.

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